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Sick Game Of Thrones

I can just imagine poor Peter Dinklage saying to himself, “Christ, who’s dick do you have to suck around here so your character does not get killed off?”

I should have guessed after the first season when the only honorable man in the whole show gets himself beheaded in the end, this George Martin guy is one sick f**K. Then last week we had the “red wedding”, gee George, that was lots of fun:

Time to brake out the scales, on one side is the chance that I will see Emilia Clarke naked again, a rather substantial weight is applied. But on the other is the obvious reality that whenever a character becomes the least bit interesting or deserving of support in some way, they will ceremoniously get waxed, all the while, every dastardly villain lacking in all things honorable or praise worthy, these are the guys (and gals) that party like its 1999.

I used to like Ros, an amiable gal who left her humble beginnings and who made good in the big city, up until that little puke of a king put 4 arrows in her chest.

So now I have a conundrum, do I walk away like I did Homeland (sick and tired of them glorifying terrorists) and go back to reruns of SOA, or do I just get perverse, realize that it’s not Jane Austin, and cheer the mounting body count of all the good people on the show? Yea, more Kermit Gosnell type abortions with long knives. I figure in the end, all these weasels are going to get their comeuppance, but with this guy, who knows? Maybe a plague will hit the seven kingdoms and they all get snuffed.

Damn HBO, them and their crappy Real Time show, they are mocking me. Where’s my old DVD’s of Rome?