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It’s Hateful, But Is It A Hate Crime?

This story is just revolting:

Hate crime and kidnapping charges were filed Thursday against four people who Chicago police say bound, gagged and beat a teenager with special needs while broadcasting the attack on social media.

The brutal attack, which had political and racial connotations — the victim is white, and the suspects are black — sent shockwaves across the nation, and was even addressed at the White House press briefing Thursday.

Thirty minutes of the torturous attack were streamed live on Facebook, but authorities said it was a six-hour ordeal that evolved out of a play fight, with the victim beaten, kicked, cut and forced to drink from a toilet.

The victim, who is not being identified, is an 18-year-old with “mental health challenges” from Crystal Lake.

During the live-streamed part of the attack, these thugs said things like, “Fuck white people” and “Fuck Trump”. There’s an ongoing online debate about whether this was a hate crime or not. It’s a debate I’m not terrifically interested in. Maybe they targeted the kid because he was white, maybe they targeted him because of his mental health issues and maybe they’re just pieces of shit. What was done was brutal, vicious and sadistic. The perpetrators — all of whom are adults — deserve to have the book thrown at them regardless of what actually motivated them.

I am, generally speaking, averse to “hate crimes” as a category of crime. I won’t change that position now. Kidnapping, assault, battery, etc. are plenty charges enough to bring against these guys.

Ravi Resolved

The Dharun Ravi – Tyler Clementi case was decided. I’ve written about this case before. Today, sentence was handed down.

The 20-year-old former Rutgers University student convicted of a bias crime against his roommate who soon after committed suicide was sentenced to 30 days in jail by a New Jersey judge on Monday.

Dharun Ravi had been found guilty of charges including bias intimidation, invasion of privacy, hindering apprehension and tampering with evidence after the death of Tyler Clementi just three weeks into their first semester of college. The 18-year-old freshman jumped off of New York City‘s George Washington Bridge after realizing Ravi had set up a video camera to record a sexual encounter between himself and another man, who was never identified during the trial.

In addition to his sentence, Ravi will be on probation for thee years, must serve 300 hours of community service and attend a cyberbullying counseling program, and has to pay a $10,000 recessment to the New Jersey probation department, which will go toward programs that help people who are victims of bias crimes.

Ravi also faced deportation to his native India, from which he immigrated with his parents when he was four, but Berman recommended against it.

Both prosecutors and the defense have said they would appeal and Berman granted a stay of the sentence for 10 days upon the prosecution’s request.

As you can imagine, the ignorami who only know about the case based on what they’ve heard are screaming blue murder. But I think this was the right decision. Ravi is not responsible for Clementi’s death. Punish him for the crimes he committed, but don’t ruin his life.

Finally some forced logic about the whole hate-crime thing..

If some lesbians beat up a gay guy, is that a hate crime?

Three women identified by their lawyers as lesbians were arraigned yesterday on a hate crime charge for allegedly beating a gay man at the Forest Hills T station in an unusual case that experts say exposes the law’s flawed logic.

“My guess is that no sane jury would convict them under those circumstances, but what this really demonstrates is the idiocy of the hate-crime legislation,” said civil liberties lawyer Harvey Silverglate. “If you beat someone up, you’re guilty of assault and battery of a human being. Period. The idea of trying to break down human beings into categories is doomed to failure.”


This hate crime nonsense was from the start just that: nonsense. Sad that it took something like this to make it obvious. Think the LSM will do much reporting about this? Hell no. It damages the narrative, and as we all know, the narrative is king to the left.

Racism can only come from honkeys

At least that is the message we are now getting, loud and clear, from incident after incident, where the victims are attacked for clearly racial reasons, just like this case in Philly, the city of brotherly love:

THREE JUVENILES accused of assaulting a cabdriver and his passenger in Center City Saturday night while shouting racial slurs will not be charged with a hate crime, the District Attorney’s Office said yesterday.

The teens, who are black, were not charged with hate crimes because there was no evidence that the assault had been motivated by the race of the victims, who are white, said Tasha Jamerson, D.A. spokeswoman. Just shouting racial epithets during the commission of a crime doesn’t rise to the level of ethnic intimidation, she said.

Can you imagine the reverse being dismissed as non racial? Some white teens beat up a black whatever, use racial language, and the people that straddled us with the bullshit racial double standards come out and tell us straight faced that it is not clear the attack was motivated by racial reasons? BTW, this is NOT the first of these kinds of attacks. A clear pattern is emerging, and the message is frightening to me: basically we are getting confirmation that our suspicions that all the crusade to deal with their ever prevailing notion of rampant racism against minorities, was not really about getting rid racism, but was a cover to propagate racism in one direction.

“They just didn’t have that in this case,” she said. “If they had somebody who, two blocks before, heard them say, ‘We’re going to beat somebody up because they’re white, brown or purple,’ it might be different.”

How likely are they to apply this same standard when the reverse occurs? Historically the same people now telling us there was no evidence of racism have constantly and consistently impugned anyone else, to the point that they made it obvious they had the ability to read minds or something, when the race baiting machine stood to gain. I guess there is no gain here admitting that this case, which doesn’t fit the narrative, actually is racism pure and simple.

Watch these teens get off with neary a slap. Don’t be surprised if they all take it to mean they have a free hand to do more of this either. That’s exactly the message these people want send.

No Justice For Gladney

Before I get into the post, a short PSA. Some of you have from time to time sent me an email on the site’s PM service alerting me to various news events that you find worthy of discussion. I encourage the continuation of this practice. Some might want to sound off on a topic that we have not gotten to yet and this lets us know to look at it. Admittedly I might not find the topic as compelling as you do (like this one) but if I can I will post something on it.

There are two things you can count on as sure as the sun rises in the east and sets in the west, the SEIU thugs will resort to violence when confronted with opposition, and black folks do not like it when one their own goes to the other side, even if he is doing it just to make a buck.

2 years ago Kenneth Gladney parked himself outside a Tea Party sponsored town hall meeting in order to hawk some of his wares, “Don’t tread on me” flags. Obama recently made his famous “punch back” speech to gin up support for his base and lay out a battle plan for his SEIU hit men. So some SEIU members attacked Gladney with one calling him the N word, here is some video:

The attackers were arrested, but here is what happened this week:

The trial of the two men who beat Kenneth Gladney almost two years ago came to a close Tuesday afternoon. After two days of testimony, the jury deliberated for forty minutes before Perry Mollens and former St. Louis mayoral candidate, the Reverand Elston McCowan, were found not guilty. McCowan and Molens were members of the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) when the attack occurred.

On the first day of the trial, Gateway Pundit noted that union supporters were out in force to intimidate Gladney. In the courtroom, the defense planned to turn the court fight into a he-said, she-said because the prosecution did not have video of how the fight started. The defense also argued that McCowan and Molens had a right to self-defense, but that rests on the belief that Gladney instigated the confrontation.

A couple things, we don’t know how the fight started and no doubt this had some effect of the jury’s decision. We also see Kenneth walking around afterwards apparently unharmed. Yes, this in no way condones violence or excuses assault but the jury had no evidence of how bad he was assaulted since the tape starts with him on the ground.

As I sat in the courtroom today watching the closing arguments, the difference between the prosecuting attorney and the union paid private lawyer was as stark a contrast as night is from day. The spit, polish and confidence of the union lawyer, compared to the stumbling and stuttering of the unsure prosecuting attorney made it more than obvious what the outcome of this trial was going to be.

And this really should not surprise anyone, I’ve seen it myself several hundred times. The D.A’s that prosecute these cases are usually fresh out of law school and get paid peanuts (after they get some experience trying cases they usually go private as defense lawyers, where the real money is made). So any defendant that can pay for a good defense, will get it.

It is also interesting that Gladney is considering suing his assailants for violating his civil rights under the guise of a hate crime. You would think that black on black crimes would not fall under “hate” but their reasoning in this matter is unique and I find somewhat compelling. But I personally find the very concept of “Hate Crimes” stupid and worthless, so I would be a tough sell.

To me, this whole episode is a “dog bites man” story, that is why I did not post anything on it initially. The SEIU are criminals and thugs, to think that they would resort to criminal activity and beat those that get in their way, this is not news and not out of character. Yes, it pisses me off to see them getting away with stuff, and I hope Gladney gets some money out of them, but unions in general are losing their support and following with the folks. I would not expect them to go quietly.