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Harry Reid, Patent Troll

OK, Harry Reid is not technically a troll. I don’t think he was literally crafted by the Dark Lord in some underground cavern (although I have heard that he does not like direct sunlight). But he was certainly crafted by someone:

On Wednesday morning, tech sector lobbyists thought they were in the final stages of pushing through a hard-fought compromise on patent reform. “Tuesday night it was moving forward, Wednesday morning it was moving

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One set of rules for thee

And willy-nilly enforcement of rules for my buddies and me, and as has the standard with the crooks running the country, they are hard at work obstructing any investigation of their cronies:

FBI agents working alongside Utah state prosecutors in a wide-ranging corruption investigation have uncovered accusations of wrongdoing by two of the U.S. Senate’s most prominent figures — Majority Leader Harry Reid and rising Republican Sen. Mike Lee — but the Justice Department

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Boehner Flinches from the Abyss

So for all of the stress, the House GOP leadership (including Paul Ryan), a minority of Republican Congressmen, and a majority of Democrats
passed the tax deal they were offered by the Senate. The Rich (less than 1% of the population) got tagged with a 4.6% increase (horrors!) and caps were placed on deductions, among other meaningless items.

I suppose it is palatable since we have at least gotten the remainder of Bush’s tax cuts … Read more

The Right Wing Meltdown: Knock It Off

It’s been downright painful watching conservatives come to grips with the reality that Obama was re-elected. A couple of my favorite sites are about ready to go all Jonestown about it and I haven’t bothered to give them more than a cursory glance for the past week.

Everywhere it’s “Why, why, why?” and “We have to change everything we believe!” and “We just had bad luck, it means nothing, nothing I tell you!” and even … Read more

Bluster from the Filibuster Buster

It seems that Senator Harry Reid (D-Mordor) is out to finally change the Senate rules to limit the circumstances under which a filibuster (or threat of one) can be done.

My response? Good.

For too long, the filibuster has been abused by the minority party (both parties at one time or another) to choke the business of the Senate. Worse, Reid has been hiding behind it as an excuse for not allowing anything to get … Read more

Count this as a blessing

What “this” am, I referring to in the title? Well, the revelation that the 112th Senate, run by Harry Reid, has been a do-nothing chamber for the last year or so:

For those who need proof that the Senate was a do-nothing chamber in 2011 beyond the constant partisan bickering and failure to pass a federal budget, there is now hard evidence that it was among the laziest in 20 years.

In her latest

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Why do what you are supposed to after 3 years of not doing it?

Yeah, it is an election year, and for the third year in a row the left has decided that letting the American people know how hard they are screwing us over is not going to happen. Stupid rubes don’t need to know how the left is pissing away their money and their future anyway. They need to let their betters tell them what to do. That’s because their betters really care and want to … Read more

This is one of the guy that “knows” how to fix the economy?

Talking about the Senate Majority Leader, Harry Reid, whom yesterday dropped another shit bomb. Lets remember that our nation is faced with an unprecedented crisis and economic downturn that has left us with a historically high and long lasting unemployment rate of 9.1%, with the LSM for months now telling us things are going to get better followed by “unexpected” job loss numbers of 400K+ every month. Lets not forget that Reid & company … Read more


Let’s discuss our Demcorat controlled Senate and our country’s budget:

Budget: Over the weekend, Senate Democrats passed a dubious milestone — going 900 days without fulfilling their legal obligation to pass a budget. Worse is the fact that this gross dereliction of duty has gone largely unnoticed. You have to go all the way back to April 29, 2009 — just three months after President Obama took the oath of office — to find

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It was all about the propaganda value

As was expected Obama’s “job’s bill”, which really was nothing but stimuluspatronage part deux and doomed from the start, died. But if you look at the LSM reporting this defeat in the Senate, you would never know the truth of why and how this thing went down in flames. From that Reuter’s article, we get:

(Reuters) – The Senate defeated President Barack Obama’s job-creation package on Tuesday in a sign that Washington is

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