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The Grinch Comes Early This Year

SO, what kind of crazy ass town do you line in?

A Seattle school has banned students from celebrating a new holiday this year: Halloween.

Lafayette Elementary School has decided to not allow students to dress up in costume for Halloween this year.

Lovely, more PC invoked nanny stating, proving once again that when you have too many bosses (what school district is not top heavy in over paid under brained administrators who spend all day trying to justify their position by thinking up more bullshit rules?) bad things will follow.

The decision was first reported by the district (Seattle Public Schools) as being a preventative measure in the event that Halloween costumes could offend and upset students who come from other cultures.

{Palm slap to head} Are they having a run on Muhammad costumes? How many little trick or treaters dress up as Rabbi’s, what the hell are they talking about? Halloween is for the kids you sour pusses, is this some misdirection underhanded ploy to diet grab, get them off candy and into veggies?

Another weasily rejoinder, they only have half a day, which btw is another one of those teacher perks, half days under the guise of catching up on their work, so what little time is left for teaching is not to be wasted on costume changing into.

Funny, before this Draconian step I would figure the busy bodies would regulate costumes, specifically no gender oriented garb, no Superman, no Wonder-woman, only asexual stuff, a potted plant, a fern, an amoebae (I guess zombies would be OK, as long as there is no cleavage, generic only).

Yeah, parents will still take their kids out trickortreating in the evening, that is when the real loot is scored, but having special dress up days at school has been going on like forever, Halloween (and secular Christmas of course) is kids oriented, why don’t these school administrators busy themselves with a bake sale, or a car wash, keeps your mits off Halloween.

And once again, like clockwork, there is yet another ballot initiative next month, where they just can’t do with all the money flowing their way, more tax and bond money for education, for the kids, Bah Humbug.