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Guns Save Lives

Another story out of Texas (where else?)where a good guy with a gun takes out a bad guy with a gun, before the bad guy with a gun can continue his killing spree. Here is the story. Why is this not surprising that it happened in a trailer park?

Check out the video of Mr. Stacey. Were most would succumb to the instinct of self preservation and shelter in place, Stacey figured that officer needed help, so he helped.

The initial confrontation is not that hard to imagine, who likes neighbor dogs crapping on your front lawn? I’m betting this incident could have been avoided by more responsible dog owners.

A few observations:

I usually hate Monday morning quarterbacking on officer tactics. I was going to blast him for responding to a “shots fired” call without sufficient back up, but in many rural areas across the country, your back up could be 15 minutes away. But going solo requires a more cautious approach and it sounded like the officer placed his vehicle and himself in a bad position initially, immediately coming under heavy fire.

The article indicates that the shooter has an AR-15, a pretty good weapon for taking out targets at long ranges. But the video of the sheriff stated that the shooter used a handgun to take out the initial two victims, then obtained a “long rifle”. Stacey mentioned that he could see the shooter ,”Throw another shell in that rifle and point it at me”, a deer rifle maybe?

Stacey indicates a distance of 165 yards between himself and the shooter. I think he got confused and meant 165 feet, still a great shot with a handgun. A 500′ shot with a handgun is virtually impossible. Not to take anything away from Stacey, a great American, but some may think that what he did was extra ordinary, but this negates the genuine sense of duty that I believe most people have. Yes, it takes courage to expose yourself like that but I would submit that there are 10’s of thousands of folks just like Stacey, gun people proficient in handling firearms that feel compelled to act in the face of evil and mayhem. I have personally witnessed this myself more then I can count, ordinary folks stepping up to combat aggression or lend a hand to an officer who appears over matched or out gunned.

Both Stacey and the sheriff talk about the emotional roller coaster one goes through when taking a life, this should not be minimized. Aside from a war zone where death is constant (and even then it is a death by a thousand cuts) anybody with normal societal constraints and normal coping mechanisms will suffer himself after taking a life, no matter the justification of the shooting, the correctness of the action, or the moral deficiencies of the person killed. It is a natural reaction. Even for cops. I have had some experience working with my agencies “shooting team”, those that respond to incidents of on duty shootings. Peer support groups and professional counselling are made available. Stacey seems like a pretty grounded guy but you can bet there will be discussions with his pastor (or even his drinking buddies) that will lend support.

I have mentioned before that with budget cuts reducing the numbers of cops on the streets and the natural limitations of so few being responsible for so many, the only person capable of defending you is you. When seconds count and your life hangs in the balance, an equalizer like a handgun can make all the difference. But only an idiot would attempt to use a tool without proper training, it takes more than just pulling the trigger.

I hope Stacey gets some sort of public recognition, a civilian medal of honor, or some public commendation that puts his actions of bravery further within the public purview. You can bet the MSM will not be covering this story, but Texans will hear about it. And that officer, who btw needs to spend more time on the treadmill, owes Stacey a pretty fancy dinner and a case of beer.

“God made man, but Samuel Colt made them equal,”