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A 40 Cal. Restraint

Another gun post is coming, but just a quick comment about the “Fiddles while Rome burns” attitude of the WH. All the bad news around us, the real unemployment rate, a third of Americans under water on credit, a “red line” border down south, now you see it-now you don’t (And can you believe that moronic George Will on Sunday, let them all in, F@ck It), and what has got the WH staffers all abuzz? The non existent move to impeach their savior, an alternate universe over there.

The gun grabbers have a new ad, take a look;

It is only a 30 second spot, how many lies or inaccuracies can you count?

First off we have to dispense with reality and assume that bad dad was pounding on that door for 20 minutes, about the average time it takes to get a live person when calling 911.
Next off we see a viewer discretion warning, depicting domestic violence, yeah, I guess murdering someone could be considered domestic violence, but can’t we just call it murder? Smothering her with that couch pillow or one upside the head with a lamp, still murder?
He got what he came for, she obviously can’t stop him, why shoot her? Is it because bad guys do bad things, and the ultimate bad is to kill her?
Yes, we know that bad guys can get guns, no matter how strict the local gun laws are, by definition criminals do not follow the law, so existent gun laws (the whole purpose of the video, to strengthen them) are meaningless.
Why the “stop gun violence against women” insert at the end? What, gun violence against men is OK?
And the big question, why doesn’t she have one as well? Bad dad is obviously dangerous, a danger to her and her child. Staring down the barrel of a 40 cal. would get 99.9 percent of all bad dads to leave, and if not, she has the drop on him, better his blood on her new carpet then hers.

These are the folks that sponsored the ad. When reading their mission statement they always sound reasonable. Who could possibly be against background checks, educating gun owners on gun safety and proper storage, keeping guns out of the hands of bad guys, and yes, keeping guns out of the hands of domestic abusers, however lofty and unworkable that is (yell at your wife, no guns for you, buddy).

Yes, I would like an end to gun violence (against the victims, of course), can I also get less traffic accident deaths, less poverty, less national debt, and maybe someone in the WH that is actually proud to be an American? Chip by little chip, the 2nd Amendment is under siege. Good people can be against bad people having guns, but the only way to be sure is to remove all guns from everyone, not an option.