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Hostess in Mediation as Website Gets Hacked

The drama continues.

A New York Judge has ordered Hostess and the kamikaze baker’s union to at least try working this out, but I think it’s too late.

Some of our own local businesses that use Wonder Bread (Arthur Bryant BBQ being one) are already being forced to switch to alternate vendors.  Grocery stores also aren’t going to let that prime shelf space sit empty while this drags on, are they?

For his part, Rayburn seems delighted to stick his tongue in the creme-filling and go “nuh nyuh nuh”:

While Hostess has seen interest in pieces of the business, its labor contracts and pension obligations have deterred offers for the whole company, Chief Executive Officer Gregory F. Rayburn said last week.

“We will try to get what we can from the assets,” Rayburn told Bloomberg Television. “It’s an over-capacity industry, though, so that’s going to be a difficult prospect.”

Translation:  “No responsible buyers want to put up with you idiots or try to sell the products that you make at needlessly high prices caused by your fat compensation and stupid rules.”

Speaking of insults, the Resources page on the Twinkies.org website (Note: not an official Hostess website) got hacked at some point today.  “Were you smart enough to get a screenshot, Thrill?”  Why, yes, I was!