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Nazca Attack

Dear Greenpeace: I accept the reality of climate change. I think environmental protection is important. So understand where I’m coming from when I tell you to fuck off:

Peru says it will sue activists from the environmental pressure group Greenpeace after they placed a banner next to the Nazca Lines heritage site.

The activists entered a restricted area next to the ancient ground markings depicting a hummingbird and laid down letters advocating renewable energy.

Peru is currently hosting the UN climate summit in its capital, Lima.

A Greenpeace spokeswoman said the group was investigating but its activists had been “absolutely careful”.

Like hell they were. First of all, Greenpeace and other environmental radicals have made it abundantly clear that they have no regard for anything created by humans. If they thought it would save an endangered snail, they’d raze the Pyramids tomorrow. Second, you can check out video of Greenpeace activists bumbling around the Nazca site. Their smug self-satisfaction will radiate through your computer. And the Nazca lines are the sort of thing you have to be careful about:

[Peruvian Deputy Cultural Minister] said the Nazca Lines, which are an estimated 1,500 to 2,000 years old, were “absolutely fragile”.

“You walk there and the footprint is going to last hundreds or thousands of years,” he said.

The Nazca lines are delicate, created by the removal of pebbles to expose the lighter soil beneath. Simply walking around the site can destroy a 1500 year old monument. If radical Muslims did this — as they did Bamiyan or in Timbuktu — we’d call it an act of terrorism.

Greenpeace has issued one of the standard garbage “we’re sorry you were offended” non-apologies and are saying they will “take responsibility” for any damage. Good. I can think of no better way of taking responsibility than going to prison.

And just a reminder that Greenpeace is not some impoverished grassroots org:

Did this embattled scrappy activist group have no other means to get their message out other than casual vandalism of a historical site and the accompanying “earned media”? Guess not with their meager total assets, according to their financial reports for 2013, of just 54 million euros.

Organizations like Greenpeace are, by far, the biggest impediment in environmental policy. For all the “evil oil money” out there, nothing turns people off of climate policy faster than the rabid anti-capitalism and mindless destructive stunts of organizations like Greenpeace. Forty years ago, when Lake Erie was almost dead and the Cuyahoga caught fire, there was a need for environmentalist organizations. There isn’t any more. Everyone supports a clean environment, with their actions and with their votes. The Western world is cleaner and healthier than it has been in centuries. So what we’re left with is “evaporative cooling” where mainstream sensible environmentalists like Patrick Moore have left the environmental orgs and they’re left with radical watermelons who pull stupid stunts like marring a world treasure.

Go away, guys. We’ve got this.

Greenpeace Punks VW

The capitalist pig consumer in me loves clever commercials. Anything witty, satirical, or makes fun of those that deserve, well, to be made fun off, and it takes more than a scantily clad woman with a nice rack, although that doesn’t hurt. If I’m visibly out loud laughing or on the flip side getting my heart strings pulled, I’m more apt to pay attention and take their product seriously.

The bigs of showcasing new commercials is the Superbowl (which reminds me, this fricking NLF lock out better end damn quick or I’m going postal), and what stole the show last time was this VW ad:

Solid gold, it blew everything else up like a death star zapping Alderaan.

Fast forward several months to this new Greenpeace ad, see something similar?

Those AGW weenies, can’t leave well enough alone, good plug for VW though. I hope George Lucas sues the crap out of them. You would think Greenpeace would find easier targets over at Hummer or even GM, they make those massive boat size SUVS. VW makes small cars, you know, gas efficient vehicles. Greenpeace masquerades as the Rebel Alliance (don’t they have some fishing boat to harass?) but this ad does not move me or cause me to shun VW in any way. Yes, they are late to the party wrt electric and hybrid vehicles, but their stuff is popular in America, and you know that those elitists in Manhattan, San Francisco and Boston are slurping up Jetta’s with the rest of us.

Some PSA’s work. This PETA PSA ran about a year ago, not bad, I liked watching the ad with a plate of ribs in front of me.

My all time favorite PSA is a seat belt ad, tell me this does not punch you right in the mouth with it’s simplicity and effectiveness, if you have anything (or anyone) to live for, buckle up, enough said.

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