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Housekeeping (site stuff)

As you may notice I’m still adding/fixing/installing things. WP offers maybe a few thousand easily-installed options, so that will probably be a forever-OMG-it-never-ends process. BUT: I did finally get Facebook logins to work alongside the other social connect options, so that’s good. Also, I’m still pushing y’all to go to Gravatar.com and get one. Use the email you used here and everything will be peachy-keen.

Members; I know the ant-spam system can sometimes be overbearing but so far it has protected the site against 2199 spammers. In what, a week? I feel the two or three false positives are worth me having to go in and manually fix your account in exchange for killing that many bots and Chinese spam farm employees.

Authors: TAG. YOUR. POSTS! I installed an automated tag suggestion system…do that. Tag! If we’re ever gonna get any Google juice, tags are essential!

So…anything we want to see that isn’t a feature yet? Wide open for suggestions.