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I guess I was not the only one to immediately wonder WTF..

What concern you ask? Well, how easy it was for 6 members of the Taliban to hold an entire Pakistani naval facility hostage for over 16 hours, destroy 2 P3C Orion anti-submarine warfare aircraft, kill over a dozen people, and in general to make the Pakistani military look as inept as I suspect it is. The good news is that the Pakistani military has regained control of the base, at least they claim to have done so. The bad news, and man is it bad, is that Pakistan is a nuclear country, and one has to wonder how secure they are in contrast. Could the Taliban, or any other group of terrorists, get nuclear materials this easily as well?

There are some troubling details about the raid. This was supposed to be a secure facility, so the raiders got primo intel from someone to pull this off. Maybe the ISI faction that’s pro Taliban was behind this. It embarrasses the military and makes them look weak in the eyes of the world. When the world reacts they can then claim Pakistan is being humiliated and consolidate their more radicalized faction’s control and power. I certainly hope our intel community isn’t just sleeping on their laurels, and actually are working hard to figure out what this was about. And in the mean time we should keep a close eye on Pakistan and let them know that any nuclear attack with materials from them, even when stolen, comes back to them getting blamed in the end. In the mean time lets beef up our relations with India. Or maybe not. If the Obama admin stays true to form, they would throw them under the bus like they have done so far with every one of our allies.