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Obama’s job solution? More cowbell!

Seems like we are going to get to see insanity at play – the definition is doing the same thing over and expecting different results – tonight in Obama’s job speech, because his solution is to throw another $300 billion dollars in something they will try real hard not to identify as just more government stimulus, in tonight’s speech. Even more interesting was the quote I heard at the tail end of a radio news clip this morning where they had a politician I unfortunately did not identify – but he was a democrat – saying that the job’s plan was intended to produce an immediate bump for them. Long term this of course is wasted money, but 2012 is an election year. I am sure he didn’t mean to be that candid and honest about the plan though.

Then again, the issue may simply be that Obama is short and needs a lot more money to make that $1 billion war chest of his happen before the 2012 elections, and this “jobs plan” sure as hell is going to help if we go by what the other stimulus plan did for democrat campaign coffers. Maybe these tools will wise up that government can create jobs, but that government overregulation and stupid legislation sure as hell has killed the economy.Well, maybe not.