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Ask yourself why they would do something like this..

And by “this” I mean why would a law firm risk their reputation and engage in clear shady criminal behavior to donate to democrats in general, and the Clintons, in particular. From the article:

Hillary Clinton’s campaign is returning thousands of dollars in donations linked to what may be one of the largest straw-donor schemes ever uncovered.

A small law firm that has given money to Sen. Elizabeth Warren, Sen. Harry Reid, President Obama and many others is accused of improperly funneling millions of dollars into Democratic Party coffers. The program was exposed by the Center for Responsive Politics and the same team of Boston Globe investigative reporters featured in the movie “Spotlight.”

The Thornton Law Firm has just 10 partners, but dollar for dollar, it’s one of the nation’s biggest political donors, reports CBS News correspondent Tony Dokoupil.

But according to the firm’s own documents – leaked by a whistleblower — days or even hours after making these donations, partners received bonuses matching the amount they gave.

“Once the law firm knew that we had these records, they didn’t deny that this was the case,” said Scott Allen, Boston Globe’s Spotlight editor.

“If you give a donation and then somebody else reimburses you for that contribution, that is a clear violation of the spirit and the letter of the law at the state and federal levels,” Allen added.

First I want to mention that for every one of these cases of malfeasance we uncover there are, like in the case of roaches or other pests, hundreds if not thousands of others we never hear about. The democratic party is a corrupt influence peddling monopoly. I think we have so much evidence today that if you need the power of government to help you make money, from something that will be economically destructive and produces no value, you buy favors from a democrat, that this assertion is indisputable.

The democratic party may pretend that they are the party of the little people and that it is the others that are in bed with the evil oligarchy of the rich, but the facts bear out differently. When you need favors, you buy it from democrats. This reality is by design, and has enriched a ton of the worlds most corrupt people. And Clintons are not just the pinnacle of that corruption, but have positioned themselves in such a way that they are the gatekeepers of that influence peddling monopoly as well as above the law.

It is also not a coincidence that the legal profession is so predominantly skewed towards the left. sure they would like you to believe it is because they share the empathy shown on the left, but the reality, as more and more instances like this show, the legal profession depends heavily on government over regulation to make big money. And who sells better favors for them to make big money than the democrats?

Before you idiotically try to defend the Clintons, note that these Clintons have been caught repeatedly violating these laws. When it was exposed that they took foreign donations, recently revealed details show Clinton’s reaction wasn’t to shut that practice down, but to try and make sure they could keep doing it.

Think hard about the fact that the Clintons, and democrats in general, react when caught by basically counting on the DNC operatives with bylines to defend them and to keep doing more of the same. Can you imagine the level of corruption these people would reach if they were rewarded with the WH?

Where crime pays..

For a bunch of people that told us they would be paragons of virtue compared to the previous administration, whom they managed to convince everyone was evil, corrupt, and abused power, Team Obama and the marxist in his party sure are a parody. As if we needed more proof that the crime syndicate running the country has been punishing anyone that dares point out their illegal activity. Only in government, and then the sort run by the nanny staters, can criminals prosper like the connected are doing while having the ability to retaliate against anyone that dares to show their shit.

A constantly evolving set of rules for thee (to make sure you can’t follow them whenever that becomes convenient to the left), and none for me. That’s the motto of the left these days.

This shit must be so bad…

And disastrous for the left, because Obama has yet again moved out the Employer Mandate (not to guys going on a date) of Obamacare. From the article:

For the second time in a year, the Obama administration is giving certain employers extra time before they must offer health insurance to almost all their full-time workers. Under new rules announced Monday by Treasury Department officials, employers with 50 to 99 workers will be given until 2016 — two years longer than originally envisioned under the Affordable Care Act — before they risk a federal penalty for not complying.

Companies with 100 workers or more are getting a different kind of one-year grace period. Instead of being required in 2015 to offer coverage to 95 percent of full-time workers, these bigger employers can avoid a fine by offering insurance to 70 percent of them next year.

How the administration would define employer requirements has been one of the biggest remaining questions about the way the 2010 health-care law will work in practice — and has sparked considerable lobbying. By providing the dual phase-ins for employers of different sizes, administration officials have sought to lighten the burden on the small share of affected employers that have not offered insurance in the past.

The pissed off unions, the scared democrat politicians, and the “Clinton for 2016″ campaign must all be knocking the rubes at the WH down to get them do this and avert disaster. Of course, I am not going to bother to point out that the WH has no authority to change law and I bet the media will not remember this until it is a republican in the WH and (s)he tries it for the first time. And even the WaPo points out that this is blatantly to avoid the damage it will cause:

As word of the delays spread Monday, many across the ideological spectrum viewed them as an effort by the White House to defuse another health-care controversy before the fall midterm elections. The new postponements won over part, but not all, of the business community. And they caught consumer advocates, usually reliable White House allies, by surprise, particularly because administration officials had already announced in July that the employer requirements would be postponed from this year until 2015.

The right thing to do is to chuck this piece of shit legislation and start over, but the left will never let that happen, because the agenda is to cripple our healthcare system as it exists and leave all of us with no option but to accept government controlled single payer. We are being fucked over by the assholes that pretend they care and want to help, and too many people are just not bright enough to catch on. That would require they stop letting their envy, greed, and sloth control their thinking.

Glenn H. Reynolds’ article about conspiracy theories..

Glenn Harlan Reynolds has an article titled Government conspiracy theories aren’t crazy: Column in USA today that is spot on about the damage the Obama Administration and their incestuous relationship with a complicit media have resulted into. Glenn speaks about the IRS abuses, the fake investigation by a crony that of course found nothing wrong, and the whole NSA situation, and concludes as follows:

Spend a little while on Twitter or in Internet comment sections and you’ll see a significant number of people who think that the NSA may have been relaying intelligence about the Mitt Romney campaign to Obama operatives, or that Chief Justice John Roberts’ sudden about-face in the Obamacare case might have been driven by some sort of NSA-facilitated blackmail. A year ago, these kinds of comments would have been dismissable as paranoid conspiracy theory. But now, while I still don’t think they’re true, they’re no longer obviously crazy. And that’s Obama’s legacy: a government that makes paranoid conspiracy theories seem possibly sane.

The problem with government is that to be trusted, you have to be trustworthy. And the problem with the Obama administration is that, to a greater extent than any since Nixon’s, it is not. Do not be surprised if the result is that people mistrust those in authority, and order their lives accordingly. Such an outcome is bad for America, but bad governance has its consequences.

Dead on. for all their posturing during the Boosh years no serious liberal ever thought he was doing 99% of the shit they accused him of. It was all politics. Scorched earth politics, but politics. Team Obama however has done real nasty shit, and people now expect anything from them. Most people have gotten here late. It took a slew of things to finally open their eyes. The NSA, IRS, and Benghazi scandals being the latest in a long list of abuses. Me, I knew we were dealing with criminals that thought they were above the law the moment I became familiar with the DOJ’s role in both voter the numerous fraud investigations and the Fast & Furious gun running fiasco. The first was o cover up for clear abuses. The second was to use what amounts to an act of war against a sovereign neighbor to score political points at home with the objective of disarming the citizenry. The first thing every corrupt and evil government on our planet has done is to make sure it has sole access to the means of violence, especially against its subjects/serfs. Disarming law abiding citizens, under the guise of protecting them, is always the recourse of scoundrels.

By the time Benghazi rolled around I was so flabbergasted by the list of insane shit they had done that I was willing to believe that these crooks where able to do anything and everything, no matter how vile. So far I have not been disappointed. No, not because I am a partisan racist, homophobic, misogynist, gun toting redneck hater, but because of the history that came before where they literally did and got away with some unbelievable things. I can not say this enough: Nixon was run out of office for far less than this administration gotten away with, and by orders of magnitude. And yes, Obama’s legacy will be that people now are likely to believe any conspiracy theory they get told. The sad thing is that too many of them are far closer to the truth than to insane rantings. The media, which thinks it has provided help, has served to only exacerbate things by providing cover instead of investigating this administrations criminal behavior as we now find out about Benghazi.

Thank you libs!

Hypocritical leftists exposed, yet again.

Remember how progressive Hollande won in France and immediately, in the name of social justice and fairness, implemented a 75% tax on the evil rich? Remember them demonizing those amongst the evil rich that opted to move elsewhere to avoid the fisting? Depardieu is now a Russian or Belgian because of that nonsense tax. People like him where called evil monsters. And then we find out that at least one of the elite that told the French this was a good idea didn’t believe it was a good idea that they had to pay that tax. And this guy wasn’t just a bystander, he was responsible for shafting the people trying to avoid Leviathan’s attempt to rob them:

France’s former budget minister Jérôme Cahuzac, who until two weeks ago was responsible for cracking down on tax evasion, admitted to having hidden funds in a secret Swiss bank on Tuesday. Judges have now placed Cahuzac under formal investigation.

France’s former budget minister Jérôme Cahuzac admitted on Tuesday that he had held a secret bank account abroad – a fact that he has strenuously denied until now.

His admission comes two weeks after he resigned from the Socialist government over allegations that he had siphoned funds into a UBS bank account in Switzerland in order to avoid paying taxes in France.

The allegations were published by French investigative website Mediapart in December 2012, prompting prosecutors to open an inquiry.

On Tuesday he was forced to admit to investigating magistrates that he had lied and was placed under formal investigation for tax fraud.

C’est pas possible! C’est la merde!

Yeah, well. What’s new? One set of rules for us, and another for them. Well, in this case the rules simply don’t apply to them. But everyone else that does what they do is a monster! Fuck I hate collectivists.

More proof that the people that replaced God with government are crazier than batshit

The left has an unexplainable faith that government is the one and only true power on earth to provide justice and balance the scales of all they see is wrong. This faith baffles me, considering how obvious it is that any government is practically always formed of individuals that are practically always far more amoral, faulty, and easily corrupted by even the slightest bit of power, than your average citizen. The stories of government trampling their peoples, for the good of the collective practically always, abound. And this is another one of those stories:

“Red-light cameras are to prevent the very dangerous, so called ‘T-bone’ crashes, where you have the front of vehicle running into the side of another. We are in favor, in concept, of the red-light cameras, but they have to be done to certain engineering criteria,” AAA New York spokesperson Robert Sinclair told CBS 2′s Rob Morrison on Tuesday.

By federal law, drivers have to have enough time to get through a yellow light — three seconds at the typical 30 mph intersection. Back in October, engineers at AAA New York discovered a problem. At some intersections with the cameras, the yellow lights were almost a half-second too fast.

These systems are not about safety. Don’t get fooled. They are about revenue generation. Just like speeding ticket traps are about revenue generation. They pretend that it is because they care and are trying to even save lives. Bullshit! These things are all about generating more money, and power – don’t forget the power – for the forever hungry beast. Anyone stupid enough to think government does anything for our welfare, instead of for it’s own needs and wants, with whatever occasional thing that looks like it does good being accidental, is just plain outright stupid.

And before I get inundated by idiots thinking I am saying I want no government and anarchy should rule, let me cock block that dumb ass argument. I understand the need of government: I just want it as limited as possible, with everyone understanding that government should serve us, not itself, primarily. The more government does, even if you are stupid enough to think it is done for you, the more corrupt and bad it is for us citizens.

Government, contrary to what the marxist ideology – and this belief applies to every collectivist offshoot of this dark cult’s dogma about government – says, can not replace a divine being. At least religions understand that they need to sell the concept of a perfect heaven and hell where we are punished, AFTER life on this earth. The morons that brought the all knowing and just divine god to earth and promised us all heaven on earth in return, have been the ones to be the best at creating the concept of hell on earth. Think hard about that before you pretend government is the solution to anything.