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Cain Careening

I figured I should throw up something on Herman Cain before he does a Newt and self destructs before our eyes. I always pegged Cain as one of those fringe candidates like Michele Bachman (is it me, or are there times when she looks fairly hot?), hosting one small table under a much larger tent. And of the rich business dudes in the race, he was much more sane and grounded then Captain Combover. But I saw Herman on The Factor last night, and I just don’t think he is ready for prime time:

I think his heart is in the right place but what he has is insufficient for the task at hand. Another major roadblock for Herman he going to be his fundamentalism:

This was Cain’s ,” Right wing engineering is just as bad as left wing engineering ” moment, but unlike Newt, this guy still sees the primrose path in front of him. The “Muslim” thing is equally troubling, not because he is wrong about creeping Sharia, but because religious tests, for anything, is so anti American.

Although his business pedigree is stellar, I have always questioned how easy the segway is from business to politics. Unlike a governor of a state (where he has to work with the legislature to get things done), or a military general (where even though he commands thousands of troops, he still is under civilian authority) a CEO of a large company is pretty much god and is not required to work well with others. Sure, he must play nice with the board of directors, but 9 times out of 10, those guys are all his golfing or bridge buddies, and they will ascent to pretty much his every wish. A CEO can fire those he feels incompetent, even those disloyal, he does not abide conflict and he does not need approval or co operation from others like a president needs the cooperation of Congress. Political skills (compromise, schmoozing, deferring wants now to get something bigger later, even pragmatism) can elude the best of the CEO’s. So business skill’s, understanding budgets, profits/losses, taxes, insurance, understanding the bottomline (here, it is your money and your financial well being,where when in government, it is never your money or your losses) although nice to have on the resume is not sufficient as a stand alone, and Cain appears to me woefully unprepared to be president. The search goes on.