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Take A Rest Mr. President

Being leader of the free world is not a 9 to 5 job, countless hours, countless commitments, and a lot of responsibility. And sometimes, just a getting a moment for yourself can be difficult:

I bring this up because Obama just had one of those well timed campaign starting epiphany moments where he is publicly lamenting the rigors of the job and how it has infringed on his time with his family:

Barack Obama has spoken about how he has failed to spend enough time with his daughters, despite pledging to learn from his father who left him when he was two years old.

The President revealed how he regrets how his work has stopped him spending more time with his daughters Malia, 12, and Sasha, 10, as they grow up.

Mr Obama told how growing up without a dad made him want to be the best parent he could, but admitted that he had not been a ‘perfect dad’.

Any parent will tell you that there are never enough hours in the day, that life is always a balancing act where priorities like family get moved to the front of the line. Does it always work out this way? no, but it’s people like Obama (and myself), those that did not have a father around growing up, that should be the most cognizant of this dynamic, and the most diligent in providing the dad duties and influence that is so vital.

Now, on the one hand I am praising Obama for his “come to Jesus” moment, we all get off track from time to time and those with the moral compass that can re calibrate, they are the better men for it. So if this insight is genuine then he will become a better man and father, a noble goal. But if this is some sordid attempt at campaigning, showing the voters his human side, how he wants to do better and has failings just like the rest of us, some manipulated pull at our heart strings, then all I can say is ,”He is one smart dude”.

I could be off base, I doubt it, but it’s possible, but since all things are political, all activities placed on that scale of ,”Will this help me or hurt me with the folks?”, I find the timing curious.

As he has said, he has not been the perfect dad, and as we have seen, he is not the perfect golfer, it’s up to him which area he will put his efforts.

And yes, I know, we don’t get to see the intimate behind the scene moments of father/daughter time, and we do see all his grass killing forays on the golf course, noted, but as Bush made a conscious attempt to stay off the golf course while soldiers were dying, understanding that perception is reality, Obama can now use that to put in the time with his kids. He will never be Tiger, but he can be candidate for dad of the year, I know what I would rather work at.