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One thing we should all thank Obama for, that cold splash of reality he has thrown our way will dispel any notion of a better life or increasing our station thereof. In Obamaville, we share, we share our wealth (for those lucky few that have any) and we downsize, after all, any real patriot would just feel bad knowing he has more then others, what a selfish pig.
So, welcome to the future:

Some definite positives arise, living in such small areas, the drafts wafting through are minimal, so you only need one “Hope” blanket to keep you warm at night. You could literally clean your apartment in 5 minutes, with, what, two paper towels? Very green.

But in looking at this picture I can think of ways to improve this concept. When you think about it, does anyone really need a kitchen? Wasted space if you ask me. Our fist lady, you know, the one with the excess junk in her trunk, is always pointing her finger at us barking orders and edicts on what we can and can’t eat, and in what portions. A cradle to grave entitlement society should up it’s responsibilities and just feed us. They are big on regulations, make every apartment building put in a government kitchen on the bottom floor, stocked with bureaucratic food Nazi’s who will decide menu content and portion size, for everyone. A Healthier America is a happier America, hay, I just gave them their new slogan.

And all that closet space, really? A standardize uniform for everyone, a union made in America jumpsuit, unisex of course, made only with government approved materials, no China sweat shops for us. Your average citizen could get by with having at most 4 pairs, just rotate them each day, only little compartments needed for storage.

The city’s Board of Supervisors had been expected to vote on Tuesday to consider a building code change to allow apartments as small as 220 square feet – little more than double the size of some prison cells.

Double the size? What message is that sending the rest of the world? Shouldn’t we be redistributing space and air as well? Either those prison cells need to be expanded, or these apartments need to be down sized in solidarity of those less fortunate, our president told us it is better for everyone to spread the space around.

San Francisco apartments rented for an average of $2,734 in June, up 13 percent from a year ago, according to the research firm, RealFacts.

It is a coincidence that the most liberal cities in America, the ones you would think would be more compassionate and more caring of it’s citizens, are the ones that have the highest rents and the highest cost of living? Wealth and opulence is only cool if it is hidden and not discussed, street cred and all, can’t be a man of the people if you flash too much bling.

We are getting a glimpse of the future with these matchbox living quarters, Obama and is policies will reduce all of our standards of living. The American dream, Fugetaboutit!!!