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Replace with Obamacare for a view of our future healthcare system

The future of Obamacare, which should have been repealed in toto had it not been for Obama’s veto in January of this year, and which now obviously after such abysmal failures and fiscal disasters shows clearly that it was intended from the start to destroy healthcare as we know it in the US so the left could force a single-payer system on us, will end up looking like this:

The UK has one of the worst healthcare systems in the developed world according to a damning new report which said the nation has an “outstandingly poor” record of preventing ill health.

Hospitals are now so short-staffed and underequipped that people are also dying needlessly because of a chronic lack of investment. The verdict, from the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), will make embarrassing reading for David Cameron who denied the cash-strapped NHS is heading for its worst winter crisis.

Staff are too rushed to improve levels of care that have in many areas fallen below countries such as Turkey, Portugal and Poland. Almost 75,000 more doctors and nurses are needed to match standards in similar countries the OECD said in its annual Health at a Glance study comparing the quality of healthcare across 34 countries.

While access to care is “generally good” the quality of care in the UK is “poor to mediocre” across several key health areas, obesity levels are “dire” and the NHS struggles to get even the “basics” right, the report said citing a lack of investment over the last six years.

Britain was placed on a par with Chile and Poland as countries still lagging behind the best performers in survival following diagnosis for different types of cancer. The UK came 21st out of 23 countries on cervical cancer survival, 20th out of 23 countries on breast and bowel cancer survival and 19th out of 31 countries on stroke.

Here is the takeaway from this obvious revelation of fact: in a system that measures success of a given healthcare system with metrics that are heavily skewed/biased to favor collectivist bullshit over actual performance, the British healthcare system, which is a collectivist government controlled healthcare’s dream state, fails abysmally. It always comes down to the fact that there are limited resources and cash, and too many people that want free shit. When government takes over allocation of the limited resources, it always goes bad. Fucking always. In places where abundance masks the fact that there is an economic reality it might take longer to show that, but eventually it will be shown, as is the case here.

Things are going to go from bad to worse in this country because of the direction forced on us. Obama, was our Lenin. If Hillary wins, she will be our Stalin, and she is gonna do it with gusto. The problem is that whatever it may be we are fucked with these people.

Another one bites the dust

The Obamacare supporting retards a few months back were all pissed at those of us that pointed out the abysmal failure that the exchanges Obamacare were going to drive every insurer out of that scam. When United Health Group started talking like they would have to bail, we were told that this was all talk that would go nowhere, because in the end Obamacare was not just sound, but the law of the land. fast forward a few months, and we get an article titled “UnitedHealth Makes Good on Threat to Pull Out of Obamacare that points out just that:

The Affordable Care Act suffered another jolt late last week with the news that UnitedHealth Group, the nation’s largest health insurer, was making good on its threat to pull out of Obamacare, beginning with its operations in Georgia and Arkansas.

UnitedHealth roiled the market last November when it revealed that it was considering exiting Obamacare after incurring hundreds of millions of dollars in losses related to ACA business. Then UnitedHealth CEO Stephen Hemsley confessed to investors meeting in New York in December that the company should have stayed out of the program a little longer to better gauge its profitability potential.

The company had cautiously tiptoed into the market in January 2015 after sitting out the first full year of Obamacare operations in 2014. “It was for us a bad decision,” Hemsley admitted to his investors. “In retrospect, we should have stayed out longer.”

So it wasn’t a huge surprise on Friday when UnitedHealth spokesperson Tyler Mason confirmed to The Washington Post that the company, indeed, was pulling out of Georgia and Arkansas, two relatively small states that proved to be highly unprofitable terrain for the company.

This development is troubling, especially if it UnitedHealth pulls out of other bigger states, or if other major insurers such as Aetna and Anthem follow suit. But experts have cautioned not to make too much of UnitedHealth’s flight from the market. While it is one of the largest insurers on the national scene, UnitedHealth nonetheless is a bit player in Obamacare and holds a much smaller market share than other rivals like Aetna and Blue Cross Blue Shield.

Get the fuck out of here! This idiotic Ponzi scheme will fall apart as the major players all realize they got duped and pull out? Say it ain’t so! I guess I shouldn’t be celebrating this vindication, because after all, Obamacare was never about fixing anything that the collectivists claimed was wrong with our existing healthcare system or controlling costs: it was about destroying the existing system by creating so much tumult, chaos, and pain, that even the most adamant anti-single-payer system advocate would have no choice to accept the left’s takeover of this enterprise that comprises 1/6th of the economy and gives a government that has already shown it is willing to use its various branches against its political and other enemies, even more power to do so and control the uppity serfs. All of us better get used to our healthcare being crappy like this.

Looking at the future Obamacare promises us all

As if you needed more proof that government will do far worse than any private entity overseen by government, we find out that according to one of the whistleblower in the VA scandal case, government’s investigation of the bureaucratic machine’s failure finding no fault, is nothing but an attempt at a whitewash or a cover-up:

Attempts by the Department of Veterans Affairs inspector general to absolve the agency of blame in patient deaths are either a whitewash or a cover-up, the whistleblower who first revealed falsified appointment lists in Phoenix said in written testimony released Tuesday.

Dr. Sam Foote, a former doctor at the Phoenix VA facility, also called for an independent investigation into patient deaths and the use of phony appointment lists to hide long delays in care.

Richard Griffin, the acting inspector general at VA, denied any wrongdoing. Controversial language that investigators could not “conclusively assert” patients died because of delays was added by the IG and was not requested by agency administrators, Griffin said in his own prepared statement.

When bureaucrats run healthcare and abuse the system, and have no doubt that bureaucrats, but especially the progressive types attracted to these sort of jobs, being petty humans will do so to their own personal benefit or just to punish their political enemies, there is nobody to turn to. Did anyone doubt that this investigation, like so many others in the reams of other abuses of power that plague government run by progressives showcased by this administration, would find fault of any kind with the system? Didn’t think so.

This is the future of Obamacare, but it will be far worse then, because there really will be no recourse. Today people that don’t like the services provided by the VA have alternatives. Tomorrow, when Obamacare has done its damage and we end up with government in full control of healthcare – do not for a second forget that’s the end goal of the progressive movement – nobody but the connected and the powerful will have said option.

Thanks for nothing.

Broken system acting broken? No way!

Who would have thunk it? Demanding that the laws of economics & reality bend to the will of unicorn fart smellers and their do-good ideas has not worked as intended!

It wasn’t supposed to work this way, but since the Affordable Care Act took effect in January, Norton Hospital has seen its packed emergency room become even more crowded, with about 100 more patients a month.

That 12 percent spike in the number of patients — many of whom aren’t actually facing true emergencies — is spurring the hospital to convert a waiting room into more exam rooms.

“We’re seeing patients who probably should be seen at our (immediate-care centers),” said Lewis Perkins, the hospital’s vice president of patient care and chief nursing officer. “And we’re seeing this across the system.”

That’s just the opposite of what many people expected under Obamacare, particularly because one of the goals of health reform was to reduce pressure on emergency rooms by expanding Medicaid and giving poor people better access to primary care.

Instead, many hospitals in Kentucky and across the nation are seeing a surge of those newly insured Medicaid patients walking into emergency rooms.

Nationally, nearly half of ER doctors responding to a recent poll by the American College of Emergency Physicians said they’ve seen more visits since Jan. 1, and nearly nine in 10 expect those visits to rise in the next three years. Mike Rust, president of the Kentucky Hospital Association, said members statewide describe the same trend.

Experts cite many reasons: A longstanding shortage of primary-care doctors leaves too few to handle all the newly insured patients. Some doctors won’t accept Medicaid. And poor people often can’t take time from work when most primary care offices are open, while ERs operate round-the-clock and by law must at least stabilize patients.

Yeah, I am sure many these people are “forced” to attend the ER instead of doing otherwise, because of doctor shortages and the decline in Medicaid accepting doctors, but the real fact IMO is that these people can’t be bothered. We can pretend it is because they can’t go to a doctor during regular hours, but I am willing to bet they are hitting the emergency rooms during those regular hours. I doubt most of these newcomers are employed to begin with. When you get shit you feel is free you aren’t inclined to worry much about how much it costs the people paying for it or how badly it is inconveniencing a system you now feel owes you shit.

Setting up a primary physician, making an appointment, then keeping said appointment is likely way too much work for people that feel all that crap is just an obstacle to their whims. These “I want free healthcare” types just want a system where they show up and are taken care of. Like they want government to pay for everything and anything, no questions asked, because they were born.

Seriously, this was not the way to get healthcare out to the masses. For people that love to tell us how to do things, the leftists sure dropped the ball on this issue. Then again, regulating ER access would not serve their plan to overload the system and bring it crashing down. After all, the end goal remains that single payer system they want.

Obamacare will be worse than this…

As with everything about this administrations, people were rewarded for mismanagement while we had rampant abuse of power, I mean frightening abuses like this one, and of course, delays in care correctly pointed out as death panels.

The left is desperate to pretend that this is a preview of Obamacare. Yeah sure. That’s because the bureaucrats that will run Obamacare are not the same low rent, power hungry, delusions of grandeur having dirt bags that now run the VA and screw over vets. “I told you so” is very appropriate at this time, but the profit haters that think government should run healthcare won’t care as long as their envy of other people making money is satisfied. After all, profits are evil and healthcare is a right. These people will make excuses for the most horrible dysfunctional system possible as long as it allows them to avoid having to submit themselves to the laws of economics and human nature. Of course, their delusion can only be maintained for so long as countless fortresses of lefty belief are finding out these days when they run out of other people’s money to spend.

The best thing that can come from Obamacare is that we roll it back and learn for at least a few generations that collectivism is a disease best avoided.

Obamacare keeps on giving.. (UPDATED)

Been a while since I pointed out how well Obamacare was working out for all, so this update, is due:

Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius told a House panel Wednesday that nobody knows how many Obamacare enrollees have actually paid their health insurance bills.

“People are buying a product in the private market,” Sebelius told the House Ways and Means Committee, which was holding a hearing on the 2015 HHS budget. “As soon as we have accurate information, we will give it to you. But we do not currently have information about how many people have paid.”

The White House yesterday announced that 4.2 million people have signed up for Obamacare through insurance exchanges ahead of a March 31 deadline. About one quarter of the enrollees are in the 18 to 34 age bracket, far lower than the nearly 40 percent of young people the administration had anticipated would enroll by now.

Republicans are now pressuring the administration to find out who has actually paid for the plans they signed up for.

“How can it be that HHS, in charge of this program, cites a number, 4.2 million people signed up, but has no idea how many people have paid?” Rep. Tom Price, R-Ga., asked.

Sebelius said the government does not have access to the information, “because the consumers don’t pay us, they pay their insurance company.”

Sebelius said she does not know how many enrollees were previously uninsured.

What a fucking copout. This is the government that has been spying on all of us and pretending they are not using anything they gather on their political enemies when the evidence stinks to high heaven. They would know the numbers if they wanted to. In fact, I bet they know exactly how bad was and it is, and that’s why they are playing dumber than they usually are.

And man, are they desperate. They thought the brainwashed fucking idiots that vote for them would go along despite the fact that these brainwashed idiots would be the ones hardest hit. Once that didn’t happen they had to resort to telling idiotic lies about how Obamacare would cost less than their cell phone bill. Unfortunately for the collectivist cocksuckers, too many of these brainwashed idiots can still do enough math and thinking to see that they are being sold a pile of shit. Who would have thunk it?

But it doesn’t stop there. While they feel fine cutting money from the military, where we at least have people that actually do something of value for the country, was a great thing, they got pissed that their moocher voter base, whom unlike the people in the military don’t seem to do much for the country other than bleed it dry, would also have to give up some shit. But they really drew the line at their pet project not being funded. But lucky for us, the writing is on the wall.

Oh, I am sure they will desperately try to sell this shit sandwich as a fillet mignon and lobster 7 course dinner, but even with the mass of idiots always willing to suck their cock, even when pre-offered covered with shit, are going to balk this time. That’s what happened in Florida, where a no name republican with little money fought a well known democrat whose campaign coffers were loaded with special interest money that wanted to keep that seat, only to see it all go down the drain. The problem the donkeys have is that the moochers are not getting any free shit from this deal, and in fact, many of them are going to have to pay up, so they are not happy anymore. Of course, the left knows that the deal is dead if they have to really give out this shit to the moochers for free.

The left is finally gonna reap their just rewards. Even their cheerleaders have to admit they are going to be bending over, and that just is like music to my ears. When the left is dealt a healthy dose of their own medicine, it is just deserts. Doubly so since they fucked over the country doing this crap. The fight isn’t over, but things are going in the right direction. And considering the climate we are in, that is a real special thing these days.

UPDATE: The fact that our neighbor’s Obamacare site is fubar is just another long list of stunning successes for the collectivist takeover of healthcare in this country. And they are desperate to hide the truth.

Democrats knew they were destroying it…

Looks like one of the architects of Obamacare, Ezekiel Emmanuel, a council to the WH, admitted during a Fox News interview that democrats forced the evil insurance korporashuns to accept their vision of what the future would look like, and thus, rigged the game in such a way that it basically meant an end to the individual insurance market through the ACA. That’s right: the donkeys made sure the insurance industry understood that the individual market had to go, because the democrats were going to make it impossible to keep.

So there you have it. The democrats that tell you they are the party of the little people collude with the evil profit makers to destroy a market that stands in the way of their end goal: destroy the healthcare market as we know it so the can institute single payer. The idiot korporashuns, driven by their short term greed or something, go along with the insane plan, somehow thinking they can survive the apocalypse the left has in mind for our healthcare system. Maybe they count on the fact that government being as inept as it is at practically everything it does, will allow them to stay in business.

Like I said: only a fucking idiot would believe Obamacare was about making healthcare more affordable, easier to get, or better in any way. The end goal was always to destroy the system we had now so they could have government take it all over. The sheep that thought they would be getting free healthcare, paid by someone else, are now discovering that they are going to foot the bill for this, and now they are mad. Fucking idiots. Some are paying with more than just the content of their wallets. And the thing is that they knew this shit was going off the rails.

Look, when you have a bunch of academic douche bags with no real life business experience of any kind – our president’s greatest achievement was some community organizing and his ability to read teleprompters during campaigns – and a head filled full of leftists dogmatic bullshit, one should not be surprised that they fail spectacularly, and then, have lie about it. Obamacare was doomed from the start because it was put together by people that live in la-la-land and actually despise the way the real world works. And the sad thing is that they did it knowing it would fail, because in the end, they want to implement a different system. One they can only get acceptance for if all else fails. Of course, only a complete moron would doubt that they will fail just as miserably at implementing the single payer system they want, if not fail on an even more spectacular scale, because nothing has changed, and they still have no clue how to make things work in the real world, as they did before.

I hope that the damage this fiasco does to the left is far bigger and longer lasting than the damage it is causing our healthcare system. At least that would be some real justice. The one thing that is certain is that Obama will forever have this disaster tied to his name. People are getting fucked over by Obamacare, and no amount of history rewrite by the left will fix that reality.

They just don’t get it.

Yesterday I had a conversation with a fairly hardcore liberal friend of mine about Obamacare. While he really danced around the issue, he eventually admitted that it has now become obvious that the Obamacare role out has been a complete disaster. Even two weeks after the roll out, propagandists remain unable to register. Oh, I am sure the left is blaming this debacle on the IT people and evil rethuglican super-secret hackers like my buddy implied, but after an incredible $630 million price tag, the website can’t handle even a miniscule volume of users, and the software simply doesn’t work in any way or form. Too many systems had to be pulled together to give the government watchers the ability to collect all our data in one place, better to go after us when they decide we have outlived our usefulness to the regime, and this endeavor was doomed from the start. Heck, despite the qualifiers, even Ezra Klein, a rabid lib that he is, can’t do anything but admit Obamacare is a miserable failure. There is no way to dress and put make up this pig to make it look good, because it is just a disaster. And don’t let anyone tell you otherwise, because it will remain that way. We are dealing with government here.

Anyway, back to the conversation I was having with my progressive friend. An article carried by USA Today about hospitals cutting staff, left most leftists, including the friend I was talking to, absolutely flabbergasted. After all, Obamacare was adding some 30 million new people to the ranks of those able to use healthcare, so how could it be that hospitals were cutting staff when the leftists could clearly see a need for more staff. It just didn’t compute for my progressive friend. Of course, it was blatantly obvious to me why they were cutting staff despite the supposed increases: this shit was going to bankrupt them. My doctor, citing his experience with other government programs and the absolutely horrifying pain it was to deal with the bureaucracy and the bureaucrats with delusions of grandeur that run them, had all but told me he would have to do the same. His choices were to drop government programs completely, cut his staff drastically, or simply sell his business and go do something else. And that was over 2 years ago, at the time that this idiotic Obamacare bill was being discussed. Hospitals, which were even more top heavy than my doctor’s business, would be faced with the same issue, only on steroids.

My progressive buddy could not get it. How could more people be entering the system and yet, service providers cutting personnel? The two didn’t mesh. So I pointed out that no business, and practically every hospital is a business, even the ones run by the VA, which have the advantage that they are businesses that can suck at the government’s teat, could survive for long if they were forced to operate at a loss. And have no doubt that Obamacare was going to force that on them. He still was not getting it. So I used the dirtiest word you could tell a progressive – profit – to illustrate the problem. After he spent a good 2 minutes spitting on the floor and prostrating himself while giving me a look like I had made some unseemly comment about his dead grandmother’s corpse being used ins some obscene sexual act, he basically told me that nobody doing healthcare work should be making any profits whatsoever. Profits are evil, don’t you know?

Well, I then pointed out that government should just mandate hospital workers work for a lot less money, or better yet, for free, so healthcare costs could be held down. His head almost exploded. See his wife is a nurse. I had a good laugh at him and pointed out that he couldn’t have it both ways. Then I felt bad because he almost had an aneurism dealing with that conundrum. In the end his solution was that there just “HAD” to be a way for people working in the medical industry to get paid for their efforts, education costs and time commitment, and their labor, and for healthcare costs to be kept low, but he couldn’t tell me how to do so.

He was expecting Obamacare to magically take care of that problem. After all, Obamacare was all about stopping evil private korporashuns from making profits off of other people’s plight while saving the downtrodden and neglected. That got me laughing again. I could tell I had burst his bubble and the peek at the real world I forced him to take would keep him from sleeping that night, but frankly, I didn’t care. People that refuse to deal with how the real world works and think unicorn farts and wishes can change that reality, need to feel the pain. He expressed a wish for things to work out well. I told him to shit in one hand and wish for things to work out well in the other, and see which one would fill up first.

I think he got the message. Now he is worried about his wife’s job and his free healthcare fantasies. And he desperately is looking for someone to blame. I told him Boosh was always the progressive standby, and it would be par for the course. He didn’t want to admit he wished he could blame Boosh somehow. Though titties.