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Hey Mr DJ: Ril Ruhtarrded Edition

What else can we possibly talk about this week besides the Zimmerman trial? I’m sure you’re sick of it, but I’m starting to wonder if Zimmerman isn’t shaping up to be the controversial John Brown character of our day.

Brown’s raid on Harper’s Ferry confirmed the worst of what the South feared about the intentions of the North and the threat of a slave uprising. Although there were many causes for the Civil War, Brown did more than enough to amplify the environment of racial paranoia and political polarization that characterized the run-up to it.

Zimmerman’s trial has done much the same. We can barely even discuss it civilly. For blacks, it confirms that the rest of America regards their children as dangerous animals who can be murdered without consequence. The rule of law has nothing to offer them, yet again. Liberals look to the outcome and see that guns are being used against unarmed people while Stand Your Ground laws lead to a vigilante culture. Right-wingers are monsters who obviously believe that Martin somehow deserved to die.

Many on the Right have viewed this case as proof of not only the need for concealed carry permits and stronger self defense laws to defend themselves from out-of-control thuggery carried out by feral black youths between the ages of 14 and 25; but even that the Obama Administration really is out to perpetuate a full-on race war and that he has picked his favorite side. From Obama’s first irresponsible statements about Trayvon looking like the son he never had to Eric Holder suddenly finding something that he’d like to investigate. I mean, it’s not like that whole IRS scandal or the matter of how those Mexican drug cartels got their hands on all those guns that the US Government provided did much to arouse his curiosity, is it? No, the full attention of the Department of “Justice” (which shall always be identified by me with sarcastic quotation marks for as long as Holder is the AG) must remain firmly fixed on a man who was tried and acquitted of shooting a 17 year old in self-defense in some Florida town most of us had never heard of before it happened.

It’s not excessive to suggest that Zimmerman is as true an enemy of the state as one can be. The Obama Administration is seeking any shred of any evidence they can find or invent that Zimmerman ever once said “darkie” or refused a menthol cigarette or committed any other thought-crime they can imagine. I would even argue that Obama probably doesn’t have it in for Snowden as bad as Zimmerman. At least Snowden attacked surveillance programs that Obama criticized too, before he happened to become President of the United States. On some level, I suspect that Obama and Holder can respect that. Zimmerman, however, has been given executive level attention by the DO”J” for what he is suspected of thinking before defending himself from a deadly force assault from someone who looked like he could be Obama’s son.

Worse than that, Snowden is certainly safer than Zimmerman, being under the care of the Russian government. Zimmerman is the target of attackers who will come at him legally and illegally, including the Black Panthers (who are pretty much allowed to do what they like nowadays as far as federal law enforcement is concerned). Given the level of persecution Zimmerman is going through, it wouldn’t be absurd to imagine him filing an asylum request with some Third World dictatorship where he can finally be safe from the vengeful prosecutors and racial vigilantes Obama’s Administration and supporters can bring forward.

It’s no secret what I thought of the case. From the beginning, I’ve considered it to be an obvious self-defense matter. You can argue about guns, SYG, morality of justifiable homicide, the racism in Zimmerman’s heart, or whatever. The point is that the prosecution simply could not prove that Zimmerman started the fight that ended with Martin getting shot with the evidence they had. They didn’t have the credible witnesses or the forensic evidence to support murder or manslaughter. It just wasn’t there, guys. The Sanford police knew it from Day 1. The only people who were surprised by this verdict were the ones paying the least attention to the proceedings, I’ll bet. The weakness of the case was writ large for those looking with their eyes on facts.

My own interest in the outcome was the knowledge that once the facts were heard and the verdict was read, it could only further shame and degrade the American news media that I hate so very much. Out of all the legal proceedings to follow, I am only looking forward to Zimmerman’s lawsuit against NBC for doing more than its part to agitate us against ourselves. They weren’t the only ones guilty of this incitement, but they were the most blatant. And they were successful.

Things are getting worse out there, I think. I was initially relieved that there weren’t any major outbreaks of violence. After the Rodney King/LAPD verdict, it was quick. This time is different though. There is this sense of seething in the city; more of a slow burn. It reminds me a lot of how tensions were gradually escalating right before Angela Corey filed charges against Zimmerman. What is there to stop it now?

So that’s where my John Brown comparison comes in. This has left a mark on us and how we feel about each other, no question. Maybe in 150 years, Florida v Zimmerman will just be a case that criminal lawyers study when preparing for self-defense cases. I’d like to hope so. Alternately, it could be that this is the moment we all decided not to “get along.” The distrust of the system and of each other, finally breaking it all apart. We’re being driven to it, you know. It’s all being ginned up by those who benefit from exploiting grievances, bolstering ratings, selling fear, and pimping votes. Those are the only ones worthy of our hatred. They’ve brought this on. All of it.

This is Trayvon Martin’s America; in which we support our tribes, right or wrong, and demand an eye-for-an-eye for every perceived offense. We find justice in outcomes, not law. This is George Zimmerman’s America; where we fortify our neighborhoods, arm ourselves on suburban streets, and shadow strangers. Justice is what we are willing to do with our own two hands because we have abandoned all hope in the goodness and competence of the authorities.

I call it all real retarded, sir.


1. “Black-on-Black Crime”: It’s almost been forgotten about. Damn Peruvian octoroons killing all those Chicagoans and all that. I know you guys have been hiding some gangsta rap. Now is the time to pull it out.

2. “Three Civil Brawls, Bred of an Airy Word”: Songs of unrest. I always enjoy this category.

3. “Stand Your Ground”: Songs that you feel best speak for your race/creed/color/hometown/county/religion/etc. Ignore the fact that everyone else thinks you’re a dumbass.

4. “Hero Complex”: Songs about Quixotic, frequently wrongheaded, fools who rush right in.

5. “Creepy Ass Crackers vs Fucking Punks”: Music about just being mistaken and misunderstood. The world is a hard and unforgiving place sometimes.

Bernie de la Rionda Bonus: Doing the best you can with what you have, win or lose. Especially losing.

Dedications for all gun-grabbing, limp-dick racial agitators and bloodthirsty, negrophobic cowboy assholes right here:

Mississippi Yankee: And now for the ridiculous and bizarre narcissism that was foretold…City Hall by Tenacious D. It has a couple of minutes silence at the end, which I guess represents part of the amount of time Martin could have run away or something.

WVR: Midnight by Ice-T

InsipiD: You Don’t Understand Me by The Raconteurs

pfluffy: Glorified G by Pearl Jam

Santino: Reason is Treason by Kasabian

Biggie G: Que Onda Guero by Beck

stogy: I Predict a Riot by Kaiser Chiefs

Iconoclast: You Don’t Know How It Feels by Tom Petty. Because I Won’t Back Down would have been in mildly poor taste, under the circumstances.

Now, I do not want to hear any griping about the dedications from those of you who didn’t put in a song last week for my road trip. We all know you were lucky to get anything at all this week. Incidentally, I had a nice time. Went to Omaha, enjoyed the zoo. Came home with a sty in my eye somehow, but made the most of it anyway.

As a side note, Omaha would have been a fantastic city to ride out any potential nationwide race riots.

Media Trips Over Itself To Falsely Redirect Racialist Fools

Those who say that the Zimmerman matter isn’t over yet are correct. The wrongful death lawsuit is coming, the Holder “Justice” Department is desperately exploring its options, and Zimmerman will not be safe in public for years to come (although I believe people will eventually forget).

Still, we are now being treated to an all-new story of racial discrimination. Any of you guys catch wind of the Marissa Alexander case and its comparison to the Zimmerman acquittal yet? I’ve seen it cropping up all over social media over the past few hours.

Late Saturday evening, George Zimmerman was found not guilty in the death of 17-year-old Trayvon Martin. The issue of self-defense played a central role in Zimmerman’s not guilty plea and his defense’s argument against the second-degree murder charges, and his acquittal is drawing comparisons in the media to the verdict of another high-profile Florida shooting incident: the case of Marissa Alexander.
Alexander, an African-American Florida woman, was sentenced to 20 years in prison in 2012 for shooting what she described as warning shots into a wall during a confrontation with her husband. Alexander’s lawyers claimed self-defense in the case, and said her husband had a history of abuse in their relationship. They invoked Florida’s “Stand Your Ground” law, which gives people the right to use lethal force if they feel their life is threatened. The jury ultimately sided with prosecutors in deciding Alexander’s actions were not in self-defense

I did MSNBC a favor and emphasized the part they so clearly wanted emphasized. I’m helpful like that.

Keep in mind that you would probably not have heard about this case unless Zimmerman had not been acquitted. As usual, the media cannot be counted on to tell the truth. I have no doubt that you will hear some of your liberal family members and acquaintances using this case as “proof” of the unfairness and racism of Stand Your Ground, but it just isn’t so.

Read up on this case now before it comes up on some blog or around a Labor Day cookout. Here are the facts. Quick read, I promise.

The only way this case would have anything to do with Fla v. Zimmerman is if Zimmerman had invited Martin over to his house for breakfast, showed him some pictures on his cell phone, and then had Martin discover some suggestive texts from Rachel Jenteal. From there, they’d have an argument, and Zimmerman would have been in such fear that instead of leaving the house and summoning police, he would walk over to his parked car in the garage, get his gun, and come back to shoot at Martin’s head as he was trying to leave. From there, Zimmerman would have had to post bail and then show up at Martin’s house (in violation of a court order) to start more shit.

Alexander has nothing to hang onto here. Remember that this case is three years old but the media is making it a point to talk about it NOW while leaving out the key facts about why SYG didn’t apply. It’s disgusting how far the Left is willing to go to undermine lawful self-defense.

I Heard That

Good (warning: auto-play audio at that link):

In a major victory for murder suspect George Zimmerman, a judge Saturday ruled that prosecutors may not put on the witness stand two state audio experts who say the voice heard screaming for help on a 911 call was someone other than Zimmerman.

Those screams, recorded while Zimmerman was fighting with 17-year-old Trayvon Martin, are the most dramatic piece of evidence in the high-profile murder case.

Zimmerman, a former Neighborhood Watch volunteer, says they came from him, that he was calling for help after Trayvon attacked him. Trayvon’s parents say they are from their son and are his last words before Zimmerman shot him in the chest.

Circuit Judge Debra S. Nelson had heard three days of testimony about the science used by the state’s experts. On Saturday she ruled that it failed to meet Florida’s legal standard.

Jurors can expect prosecutors to still play the audio. They’ll also likely hear testimony from Trayvon’s mother and perhaps father that the screams came from their son. Zimmerman’s father, Robert Zimmerman Sr., has testified that the voice is his son’s.

Four other experts testified that what these guys are doing is pseudo-scientific bullshit. Since the Zimmerman case surfaced, “audio experts” have been crawling out of the woodwork, making wild claims about racial epithets, prayers and screams heard on phone calls. None of its has crossed me as remotely scientific or accurate. And I’m glad the judge saw through this.

Bullshit forensic testimony is a big problem in the US courts. Some time ago I blogged about the Cameron Todd Willingham case, where a man was convicted and executed for a triple arson murder based on forensic evidence that was slightly more accurate than waving voodoo rattles over the ashes. Radley Balko has written extensively about the completely bogus “bite mark” analysis that was used in many cases in Mississippi. During the Satanic Cult panic of the 80’s and 90’s, we saw many “occult experts” give testimony that was completely made up. One of these “experts” played a key role in the conviction of the West Memphis Three.

Let the jury decide if they hear anything significant on the tapes. I see no reason why some idiot with a computer and a persuasive voice should be allowed to present himself to the jury as an “expert” when he clearly isn’t.

Past Practices, Irrelevant

I am usually a strong advocate of our judicial system. Having been a part of that system for the better part of my life I have (mostly) felt that the system has worked. The Sixth Amendment speaks to the need for a fair trial and it assures those accused certain requirements that the state must meet. The system is not perfect, since those implementing the system are flawed, but the pendulum has always swung farther towards assuring impartiality (the blindfold on Lady Justice speaks to this) and the rights of the accused, the rule of law demands it. But in just 2 weeks the George Zimmerman trial (dead man walking) will commence , he does not stand a chance.

A judge in Sanford, Fla., ruled Tuesday against George Zimmerman’s defense team on several key issues in preparation for his trial on charges of second-degree murder in the killing of 17-year-old Trayvon Martin in February 2012.

In a two-hour hearing at the Seminole County Courthouse, Circuit Judge Debra Nelson ruled that defense attorneys will not be able to mention Trayvon’s past marijuana use, his suspension from school, or his alleged participation in fights in their opening statements.

The rulings came after Mr. Zimmerman’s defense team recently posted online photos and text messages from Trayvon’s cellphone. The texts included several about being a fighter, smoking marijuana, and being ordered to move out of his home by his mother. The photos included a picture of what appeared to be a .40 caliber handgun.

Obviously I don’t agree with this ruling, here’s why. The rule of law and precedent makes clear that the state can not use instances of prior criminal acts as evidence of the crime at hand, independent collaborating evidence must show that the defendant committed this specific crime. This is as it should be. But Travon Martin is not on trial (as the family lawyers keep telling us), George Zimmerman is and evidence of past incidents of violence and fighting on Travon’s part is relevant. A fight broke out between the two men, one of them is dead and the other is on trial for his life. Zimmerman’s basic defense was that he was not the instigator but was attacked, he should be afforded the opportunity to expose prior Martin behavior as bolstering his (Zimmerman’s) version of the story.

All the other stuff, the marijuana use, his suspensions from school, even his home life, these are not relevant since they do not speak to the crime at hand nor ads any clarity to events. And if we had independent witnesses that saw the whole thing unfold then I would say that we don’t need the weight of prior violence to consider. We would know what happened here, but we don’t. We have one man’s version of the story, he should be allowed to present any circumstantial evidence he wants to bolster or add weight to that defense. The jury can determine the probity.

There will be no happy outcome to this trial. If he is acquitted, riots and destruction will ensue. If he is convicted, whether by strong evidence or a jury intimidated by events, then the judge will be forced to come down hard on him, probably beyond what is deserved.

I will hope for a fair trial and calm heads to prevail………………..what are the odds?

Zimmerman Charged

With second-degree murder. I’m not sure that the special prosecutor has done anyone any favors here. It’s going to be difficult to convict him of second-degree murder given the ambiguities in some of the testimony. And if he’s acquitted, no one is going to say, “Well, at least he was charged.”

The prosecutor said she doesn’t prosecute by public petition. But her demeanor is not that of someone who hates the spotlight. I have a bad feeling about this. Well, a worse one.