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Obama’s Jobs Czar outsources jobs…

The next time you hear some libtard tell you how evil republicans are responsible for all those high paying middle class jobs feeling America, remind them about Obama’s pet company that didn’t pay any taxes in 2010 despite over $5 billion in earnings and GE CEO Jeffrey Immelt, The Head Of Obama’s Jobs Council, who is moving even more of those jobs to China.

This is par for the course. GE has been one of those US companies at the forefront of this job shedding since the early Clinton years, where it justified doing a lot of that on the economic downturn. And I am not surprised to see them do more of the same now that another democrat they have bought & paid for is in charge and they can blame it on the very economic situation they helped him create. Back during the Clinton years GE moved a lot of their manufacturing operations to Mexico and even Canada, where labor was cheaper. Now the new destination seems to be China, where GE has been sending a lot of their meager remaining US manufacturing capability to recently.

The funny thing, well sad if you are one of the recipients of GE love, is that GE swore it was not cutting anyone here in the US when that X-Ray team was moved to China. As with all leftists – and have no doubt GE is one of those companies run by people pandering to and spouting all the nonsense the left loves, not just for personal gain, but because they are believers: that’s why Immelt is on Obama’s jobs council – they where lying through their teeth. Got to love a “Jobs Council Head”, one of Obama’s big economic Czars, that has the balls to and no problem pulling stunts like this. Well, unless you are one of those many people out there that are looking for work, have been looking for work for a very long time now, or just lost your job because of this move. I am sure that if the big hitters in the LSM ever come about to reporting this, they will find a way to blame Boosh for this too!