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Hey Mr DJ: Wake the Dragon Edition

I finally finished reading the entire A Song of Ice and Fire (got it right that time) series this week. You know, Game of Thrones. It was mostly due to Seattle Outcast’s comments on a thread about the story itself a couple of months ago that convinced me to give it a try. The HBO series didn’t appeal to me that much.

The fault for that is probably mine, because I viewed the show expecting it to be more like a typical fantasy book complete with a clear linear story and a single, obvious protagonist. It has neither. What Seattle Outcast said that appealed to me was that it was more or less a story of a people that had been misruled for a century and was falling apart because of the corruption of its elites. It’s a generational epic, really. If anything, it’s a parable for our own time and circumstances. THAT interested me. For this, I thank you.

I loved the books, even with all of the profanity, swordplay, incest, rape, torture, rape, gritty depictions of medieval life, rape, shitting in buckets, rape, repeated references to The Bear and the Maiden Fair, and obvious misogyny. Doubtless, I will have no choice but to start watching the show again if George Martin doesn’t get the last two books cranked out in a couple of more years. That is, if I want to know what happens. I imagine that just about everyone gets raped by the end.

In short, my first impressions of this story were wrong. I’m happy to admit it and I’m grateful to those of you who discussed it and got me interested. It deserves a DJ thread, the highest tribute I can give anything these days.

So here are some musical options:

1. Rains of Castamere: Anything medieval-sounding from some any fantasy soundtrack or any music from our own real-life Middle Ages. See how many versions of Greensleeves you can find, I dare you.

2. The Wolf and the Lion: Pick a song associating any of the sigils from the lordly houses (e.g. “House Targaryen = Puff the Magic Dragon by Peter, Paul, and Mary”).

3. Skinchangers: Be the beast.

4. You Are a True Knight, Ser: Pay tribute to those you most respect.

5. Kingslayer Tribute: Boink your sister, commit regicide, hurl children off of tall buildings, and engage in all other types of taboo and antisocial behaviors. I’m embarrassed to admit that he has developed into my favorite character as he has been humbled and began redeeming himself, though.

6. I Am the Sword in the Darkness: Take the Black. Literally, any song or band with the word “black” in it.

7. Bloody Mummers: Videos with freaky imagery, carnies and circus people, or just bands who wear freaky makeup. The goal here is to make me go, “Oh, that is pretty horrific.” Bring out that ICP you’ve been holding onto as well, you Juggalo asshole.

8. The Flayed Man: Songs about one of this blogs all-time most popular topics: TORTURE. Any songs by Michael Bolton will also be acceptable within this category.

9. Hail, The Boy King: Child stars. Good ones and bad ones.

10. Epics are Long: Lot of options this week. You know why? These books are fucking huge. There was that much material to work with. Choose songs Seven minutes or longer, to be faithful.

11. Sword and Sorcery: I know you guys got this one.

12. Faith of the Seven: Any song that incorporates The Mother, The Father, The Smith, The Crone, The Maid, The Warrior, or The Stranger into its title.

13. It’s a Nice Day for a Red Wedding: If I lived in Westeros, I think I’d join the Night’s Watch and decline every wedding invitation until the end of time. Crazy shit happens at those events. Music about weddings and honeymoons goes here.

Bonus: A Lannister Always Pays His Debts. One good dedication deserves another.

Mississippi Yankee, The King’s Justice: Mr. Krinkle by Primus (7)

Khal WVR: Very Ape by Nirvana (3) In before the 20th anniversary, btw.

Ser pfluffy? My lady?: Kill the King by Megadeth (5)

Maester stogy: Erin’s Theme by Midori (1, Don’t laugh, I love the hell out of this. I cannot think of GoT without being reminded of Gemfire.)

bgeek, Hand of the King: No Stranger by Small Black (two-fer! 6, 12)

Lord Commander InsipiD: House Martell = Flying Into the Sun by The Crystal Stilts (2)

High Septon Iconoclast: Strung Up From the Sky by Pelican (8)

Winter is coming, bitches. If you only choose a song on one DJ thread this year, this ought be it.