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Tea Party Zombies


Via Hot Air and others, I find this video game. It’s a zombie-killing game called “Tea Party Zombies must die”. The zombies are made to look like the hicks and idiots the Left imagine them to be with bosses made like Sean Hannity, Sarah Palin, Michelle Bachmann, etc. Oh, and some of them wear Klan robes. You can see screen-caps here.

I’d get worked up into a “can you imagine if we did this!” rant but why bother? The game is dull with light flashes that are almost epilepsy-inducing. And it has “facts” between levels and “Tea Party slogans” that would shame a dumb commenter at Daily Kos. But, hey, at least it gives us something to volley back the next time some Leftie blog starts ranting about violent imagery from the Tea Party.

Liberals. They can’t even do violent video games right.