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There still is justice in the universe.

If the Germans had a word for feeling joy at stupid people suffering from the dumb shit they did, then this case would be one where we would use it..

DENVER (CBS4) – President Barack Obama is apologizing to Americans who are losing their current health insurance plans. Millions of people are getting cancellation notices, including about 250,000 Coloradans. For years the president said that those who like their current plan would be able to keep it, but it turns out that’s not the case. In order to comply with the Affordable Care Act insurance companies have had to cancel millions of policies, forcing people to find new, and in many cases, more expensive coverage on the exchange.

The Colorado Division of Insurance says 250,000 people in Colorado alone have lost their policies in the last few months. Cathy Wagner says she isn’t political and has never written a lawmaker, much less the president, but with Obamacare she felt compelled. “I really just wanted him to know … I was so hopeful that this plan was going to move us forward, but in fact I think it’s moving us backward,” Wagner said.

Wagner and her husband retired early. She was a nurse for 35 years and championed Obamacare, until she received a letter from her insurance company saying it was canceling her policy. “I was really shocked … all of my hopes were sort of dashed,” Wagner said. “’Oh my gosh President Obama, this is not what we hoped for, it’s not what we were told.’ “ She was shocked further to learn that for the same coverage she would pay 35 percent more and have a higher deductible. “Our premium for next year is going up to over $1,000 a month for two of us and we’re two fairly healthy individuals,” Wagner said.

At least the idiots that supported this idiotic idea and live in the real world are feeling the pain they have caused others first hand. Nothing cures stupid people from their stupidity better than a good kick in the ass, and this idiot got a good kick in her ass. Don’t worry Wagner, I bet that when rates go up even more next year, and you get told you can’t see the doctors you want, have to wait a long time to get care, and finally have some petty bureaucrat punish you for having the temerity to complain about how horrible this system is, you will be all surprised too.

This story and others like it warms my cockles. I have no sympathy for these idiots. Fuck them all.