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Hey Mr DJ: Record Keepers Edition

It’s business as usual. The Admininstration continues to ignore its rampant scandals, another mass shooter terrorizes the nation and prompts calls for gun control, and the fully dysfunctional federal government prepares to pretend to have a debate about whether it should borrow even more money that it can never pay back to pay for wars that can’t be won, bloated and crooked entitlement programs, and the all-around regulatory/bureaucratic/corporate/financial nightmare that is ObamaCare–which Congress will neither be subject to for themselves nor will they defund it for us. Since I already have at least one DJ thread dedicated to all of the above, I guess there’s nothing to talk about but music.

I’m very much a product of the digital age, owning absolutely no CD’s. I typically only download music track by track and I have come to realize that I have extremely few actual “favorite” bands despite such a huge MP3 collection. My musical library is simply all songs I like and that’s it. On the rare occasion that I do download an album, it’s not uncommon for me to delete the songs I don’t like to keep my library from getting cluttered. For example, I kept exactly four songs from David Bowie’s The Next Day in my collection within a month of downloading it. If you were to ask me about any good albums that came out in 2013, I’d tell you Next Day is totally one of them, but in truth, that would be because there are two songs I really liked on it and two others I think are okay.

There are some artists who I really, really like such as The Talking Heads, Radiohead, Muse, and Tool; but if you talk to me about certain albums or even name members of the band, I will likely as not draw a blank. Bands that I consider my “favorites” generally just have a cluster of songs that I enjoy or a distinctive style that tickles my fancy. I don’t really care what set the drummer uses or even what country the band is from.

See, I think I have good taste in music (and you guys can be the judge of that) but I’m also aware that I’m extremely ignorant about music. So that’s where you come in. You’ve probably noticed that I clearly favor Alternative, Punk, and some Metal from the late 70’s to the present (or the same genres for the span of my entire life). The only variety I have is what I get from friends. And you fucking people. You’d be amazed at how much the DJ threads from years of doing this so closely resembles my own library. It’s there because you share <3.

Here are the options:

1. You WILL Appreciate This, You Poser Bastard: Albums with brilliant stories, styles, or even subtlety that I’m just not getting. There are some tracks that are incomplete without the rest of the album and always will be. Tell me all about it.

2. Faves and Raves: Who do you most enjoy and why?

3. The Standard Bearer: The albums that best exemplify the achievements of a particular band. What does it say of their sound, attitude, or even genre.

Biggie G: In my opinion, you have truly exceptional taste and a superb knowledge of music. Allow me to share Above by Mad Season from I’m Above. This is probably the #1 album of my life, partly because of my reverence for Layne Staley and partly because I was at the height of my youth, when such things get crystallized. This was one album I could just listen to straight through over and over again, but I can’t tell you I have a favorite song from it. It just…is.

WVR: You seem to closely identify with my mindset, as far as I can tell from the selections you post every week. You like a wide spectrum of damn good music, yet rarely throw anything totally god-damn crazy at the group. For you, I have Jimmy by Tool from Aenima. I love things that are dark and beautiful and this whole album succeeds at both. I knew this album by heart through the late 90’s, every lyric and every sound.

MY: A man of two worlds. Loved rock in youth, and a fan of good, old fashioned ass-kicking country in maturity. For you, only Johnny Cash will do. A deep, complex man who described the world as truthfully as any man with a good sense of justice could see it. Johnny Cash, of course, is also in both the Rock n’ Roll and Country Music Halls of Fame. One Piece at a Time

InsipiD: I confess that I still haven’t got you figured out. That’s not a negative, by any means. I completely approve of everything you post, even though I don’t recognize all of it. You’re not married to any particular decade or genre, but you pick solid stuff from all; classic rock to gangsta rap. Still, I think my dedications with you are more “miss” than hit. Eventually, I’ll get it right! Today, however, I’m taking another random stab and you get The Killing Moon by Echo and the Bunnymen. What I consider to be a perfect song. This is pretty typical of my combination of taste and ignorance in that I have maybe half a dozen songs that I like by this band but I seriously cannot name a single album by them without looking it up. It’s also a good expression of how I haven’t yet figured out your style.

stogy: Man, I will never figure you out. You’re on a different level from me, as cherubim are to dragonflies. Usually, I just throw a dedication out to you, duck, and wait to see what comes back at me. This is no exception. Hard to Beat by Hi-Fi.

Santino: I adore the guts out of you and I don’t care who knows it. You know your stuff like no other and you’re almost single-handedly my most reliable barometer for great new music. Even your guilty pleasures are epic. I mean, how is this not just symbolic of all that is happy and good on this Earth? PS: kevinmkr says hi. He said on Wednesday that the three of us need to team up and assault the mitten state for a glorious beer tour. I second it.

pfluffy: As you all know, if I were an evil wizard, I’d feel like I could confidently rely on her to defend one of my horcruxes. We appreciate the same era and sound for all the right reasons. Indeed, I behave even gayer for Jerry Cantrell than I do for Santino. It is a rare treat to encounter anyone on the Web who really gets where you’re coming from. I am thankful for your presence here every week. For you, I have what I have said before is the song of my life from my second-favorite AIC album. Don’t Follow.

Those of you who didn’t contribute anything last week are probably totally wishing you had. I did make an exception for Biggie since he’s brilliant and all that.