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More Obamacare pain

The other day I had a post about how the most hardcore supporters of government take over of healthcare were going to take it on the chin e hardest, but it is obvious that the tragedy doesn’t end there. While Obamacare & Tax increases threaten to impact those currently employed, especially those part time employed or have big income, it is also a given that Obamacare will
hammer employment in general:

Shortly after Nov.

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Obama’s 2nd term news

With the fiscal cliff looming, tax hikes in the wind, and Obamacare getting set to stick it to us all, things sure look great for us all. Looks like chances for getting a budget from our government in the second term look just like the first. Not gonna happen. But the fiscal cliff? Well, that one looks like it is a gimme. Jobless claims, UNEXPECTEDLY, and right after the election, are abysmally high. … Read more