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I Want One!!

Oh great, more toys for rich bastards. You would think that after snorting coke off the stomachs of Victoria Secret models, propelling yourself from a helicopter down the alpine slopes of Gstaad, or sipping 3 fingers of Dalmore scotch as you stroll through your barn and needing to take off your shoes as you count your polo ponies, you would reach a point where you could put your hand over your cup and say “when”. But it’s not “who dies with the most toys, wins”, it’s who can brag about having the most toys, here is the latest:

Who needs a flying car?

Talk about a way to beat traffic.

Actually, you won’t be able to take off out of gridlock in Terrafugia’s flying car, but at least you’ll be able to drive it on roads to the nearest airport. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) recently granted special exemptions for the Transition “roadable aircraft.”

The exemptions clear the way for shipping to begin from Terrafugia’s Massachusetts plant following testing. The flying car is slated to enter production this year, with shipping in 2012.

Once in the air, you can attain speeds of up to 115 mph, not bad. And with all the safety features that is standard with most cars (and a top land speed of 62 mph) it will also work for that late run to Wolfgangs for that Kobe burger, but don’t let the valet near this baby.

I guess this is why I would make a terrible liberal, I don’t hate the rich, I don’t even envy the rich, I appreciate them as an integral part of any free market economy, and the cash cow that pays all the bills (in taxes).