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Here We Go Again

I am reminded of the bargain Abraham struck with God, the condition by which Sodom and Gomorrah would be spared, that if 50 righteous men could be found. But Abraham knew he wasn’t kidding anyone, so after a number of revisions, he finally settled on finding 10 righteous men, but even that was a tall order. That’s how I feel about politicians, all politicians. I’m not looking for saints, geniuses or martyrs, just a smidgen of integrity and a simple yardstick whereby every action is examined under the prism of “Is this in the best interest of the people I represent?”, again, a tall order it seems.

A few years back a certain South Carolina governor, one who appeared destined for bigger and better things and a prospective presidential contender, up and did something monumentally stupid. It ultimately cost him his marriage and his political career. I remember liking Sanford and the way he ran his state, and thought at the time that he would go far.

Well, another Republican governor who is (was) slated as a potential presidential contender has up and cut his throat just like Sanford;

In case you’re just tuning into the story, here’s where things stand: Wealthy businessman Jonnie R. Williams Sr. gave at least $145,000 to assist McDonnell and his family in 2011 and 2012, reports the Post’s Rosalind S. Helderman, who has been on top of this story for months. Williams, the head of the dietary supplement manufacturer Star Scientific, gave to a corporation owned by McDonnell and his sister, spent thousands to cover catering costs at the wedding of McDonnell’s daughter, and gave other undisclosed gifts to the family, among other things, all as McDonnell and his wife took steps to promote his company and its products.

And after months of denials and attempts to change the subject (That really wasn’t my dick that I texted to all those under age girls………..oops, wrong politician) he has finally come out with an apology, too late;

Here’s the deal: McDonnell’s future as a national political candidate — president, vice president, Cabinet member in a GOP Administration — has been over ever since WaPo’s Roz Helderman began digging into his relationship with GOP donor Jonnie Williams. But, as the loans and gifts continued to pile up, questions began to be raised as to whether McDonnell could even survive until the end of his first — and only — term. (Virginia is the only state in the country that has a one-term limit on its governor.)

So yet again, I shrug my shoulders, asking the perfunctory ,”What is wrong with these guys, don’t they get paid enough?” and accept the inevitable, that come 2016 the GOP will trot out some second stringer, some flawed compromised loser who on his best day could not carry Reagan’s jockstrap.

Some day in my lifetime (you guys better hurry) I would love to see a true Constitution loving/small government practicing/American exceptionalist believing conservative run against an unabashed ACLU loving/one world preaching/wealth redistributionist believing liberal, mano e mano. Of course in my fantasy, it is straight up, no toe on the scale help from the MSM or voter illegalities, yeah, when pigs fly.

It took a while but clowns like Andrew Sullivan wore me down, what they yearn for, an America whose best days are behind it and who is just like any other country in the world, one of many and not distinguishable or exceptional in the least, is really what we have in store for us as a nation. I guess there is comfort in anonymity, being just one of many, but I’m not happy about it.