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Occu Mall, Call The Cops

They are at it again, this time moving indoors. They’re hungry, they’re surly, but dang, some of them can sing:

And no ACLU in sight.

Call me crazy but for some reason I really like flash mobs. There are a number of them on youtube, the Glee one’s are probably the best and Seattle does seem to kick ass in this regard (I think that guy in the blue shirt and tie is our own SO) Although I generally like the dancing ones better, probably because I can’t, those that incorporate ordinary folks, young and old, into the production, get’s my toe a tapping. But singing one’s are good too. Crowded areas, people congregating, then one guy starts singing, people caught unaware, then another joins in, confusion, then a few more and instantly, everyone gets it.

Another favorite from last year that had like 25 million hits the first month.

So let’s get those stockings stuffed, only a few more days.