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The Unserious GOP

Ladies and gentlemen, if you want to know why I voted for Gary Johnson this year, here it is in one tweet:

That’s Marco Rubio, rising star of the GOP, boasting that the GOP is refusing to tackle entitlements and insisting that we blame Barack Obama for one of the few good ideas to emerge from the Fiscal Cliff mess.

I haven’t posted much on the Fiscal Cliff mess since I knew the Congress and the President, like dumb students who have known a paper was due all semester, would wait until the last minute. I will not be surprised at all if we go over the cliff. But keep this in mind: the President and his party are laughable clowns. But a big obstacles here — as boasted by Rubio — is that the GOP doesn’t really want to cut spending.

One Headless Chicken Said To The Other…………

All this talk of the GOP and their rudderless ship, not having a coherent game plan, not being united or realistic in what they can get out of this grand bargain, OK, there is some truth in this. But just because Obama won the election does not mean that all his minions will fall in line and dance to his tune. Hubris and arrogance will only get you so far.

Trotting out Tiny Tim, replete with wish laundry list of demands, only starts the process, and if the foot soldiers don’t get on board, well, you got a problem.

Granted, this practice of placing legislation in bills totally unrelated is beyond smarmy, both sides do it and shame on all of them, but getting the dems to put up or shut up, is necessary. All the bloviating is wasted if you don’t have the votes. Senate Democrats are showing as much leadership as House Republicans, hiding under their desk is the only safe place to be;

It is not exactly a profile in courage. The Hill reports, “Senate Democratic centrists, whom Grover Norquist describes as the ‘hostages’ in the tax debate, are lying low and keeping quiet about competing proposals from President Obama and House GOP leaders. These centrists have declined to endorse Obama’s opening offer to raise taxes by $1.6 trillion, twice the size of the tax increase most of them voted for in July.” (They did vote against the president’s very similar budget plan — unanimously.)

Remember those historic, probably never to be repeated, Senate votes on the President’s budgets, 98 to zipperino? That’s loyalty for ya.

“To date, not a single Senate Democrat has come forward to endorse the President’s job-killing tax hike and bizarre request for a permanent authority to raise the debt ceiling whenever he wants for as much as he wants.”

Wish lists on both sides are just wasting everyone’s time and the folks back home are not fooled.

I agree that Boehner needs to cobble something together and I don’t mind him working behind the scenes, getting a feel for what the other side is adamant about and what they are willing to negotiate on. But within the next few weeks, right about Luau time {Let them eat drink cake piña coladas} We need a realistic House bill for Harry to look at.

Boehner Stays on Defense

Rep. Boehner apparently misinterpreted conservative demands that he toughen it out on fiscal cliff negotiations.  He came out with a very short press release this morning and did nothing more than tell Obama to take  or leave the GOP’s plan or come up with his own.

I disagree with this approach (yeah, I rarely cut Boehner any slack).  It’s not the President’s job to propose this, it’s Congress’s and specifically the House of Representatives.  Boehner is engaging in needless dick-measuring with Obama when he should instead pass something through the House and let the Democrats explain their votes and vetoes.  This gridlock plays perfectly into the President’s hands and bolsters the media-driven perception (which the electorate is falling for) that the failure of negotiations will be the GOP’s fault.

I’m on board with others who say that the House should simply pass the recommendations of the Simpson-Bowles committee.  When the Democrats kill it, let them explain why they wouldn’t support the findings of the President’s bipartisan commission.  We have no truly good options.  Let’s go for the one that most deflects blame.

Putting it back on the President just gives him more ammo to stand up and bitch about Republicans.  Smack the mic out of his hand and make his party do something.

Hey Mr DJ: Brass Balls Edition

The GOP is in disarray!  Congressional Republicans are wavering on taxes as Speaker John Boehner’s eyes well up with tears at the sight of the oncoming fiscal cliff.

What happened?  Obama found his backbone with nothing left to lose now that he has four more years to party it up.  The polls favor his tax increases on the rich and he knows that his media allies will assure that the GOP takes the blame for the resulting tax raises on the middle class, the resulting recession, or both.

Never before has the GOP needed some balls more and yet found them in shorter supply.

A day may come, when the courage of conservatives fails.  When we forsake our oaths to Grover Norquist and break the fellowship of the Tea Party.  That day is not this day.  That day will probably come in December.

This week, we need to gather up and melt down some brass for John Boehner’s balls.  This will require:

1. Any track that uses brass instruments (e.g.: trumpets, saxophones, tubas, trombones)

2. Genres to consider include Big Band, Swing, Jazz, Ska, Blues, etc.

Predictable first selection is In the Mood by Glenn Miller

For last week’s smart shoppers:

pfluffy, who elbowed me in the ribs for that XBox*: Night Boat to Cairo by Madness

Iconoclast, who trampled over me at Best Buy* for the last Blu-Ray copy of The Complete Works of John Hughes Collection: Us and Them by Pink Floyd

Biggie G, who delivered a crippling kick to my kneecap and ran off with the iPad I wanted at the Apple Store*: Super Bad by James Brown

Mississippi Yankee…there I was at Toys R Us*, reaching for that super-cool Thomas the Train set. The second I touched it, MY emerged,  grabbed my hand, and bit it. He didn’t take the train set though.  Just wanted to share the pain. The true spirit of the holidays?  Green Hornet Theme by Al Hirt

*RTFLC thanks its corporate sponsors!

Obama’s 2nd term news – Part Deux

I originally intended the first post to be the lead in a weekly series, but the amount of insane shit that is happening just a week after the election just feels like the gift that keeps on giving, so I am going to do another today. BTW, any one of you other authors that want to do some of this, feel free to gang up. I do not want you to feel that I hold exclusive rights to this concept.

Anyway, for those with a sweet tooth and of my age, I am afraid Woody Harrelson’s character in Zombieland is going to be disappointed that Twinkies will not be around. Talk about cutting off your nose to spite your face. Stupid unions. It does look like we will get the Apocalypse, though. Watch it happen because Obama decides to interfere and nationalize Twinkies like he did GM. My bet is they blame Sandy for those 18.5K new unemployment claims that come up next week.

I hear the union geniuses are trying to play Walmart too because it is implementing changes to deal with tax increases and Obamacare. Read about the genius that thinks Walmart is trampling on his rights because when he asked for a transfer to a different department where everyone wants to be since it is cake work, they cut his hours in order to honor his request. This moron thinks it was out of spite, not maybe that they have tons of people lined up to do the cushy job they also have to accommodate, and hence have to resort to reduced hours for everyone. EBIL CAPITALISTS!

Speaking of evil capitalists, it is finally being pointed out that they are now shrinking the size of their packages to overcome rising costs. The price stays the same but you are getting a lot less. The only reason that the nanny- staters aren’t all balking at this travesty is that it goes handily with their need to keep the illusion that there is no inflation. In the mean time we all keep losing. Heh, just get everyone drunk and they won’t care! And while some people are already pointing out how the evil capitalists can help the US follow in the footsteps of some other socialist states that used natural resources to get some serious cash flow while changing everything for the better, it is also obvious that this is all, for now at least, nothing but a pipe dream. The people in charge remind me of the old Soviets that in the name of collectivist ideology would do stupid and damaging things, even when the solutions were blatantly obvious. I guess this is another good reason to point out that referring to the greens as watermelons is very appropriate.

The housing market social engineering tactics that led to the economic meltdown in 2009 continue on, surprisingly, and despite, Dodd & Frank’s promise to fix the “deregulation” with a 2000 page new law that did nothing to address the underlying problem. So it is no surprise that the FHA, which uses Fannie & Freddie to play it’s shell game, is pissing away money like crazy, and again reaching out for a handout. That means they are asking tax payers to yet again cover for the problems this stupid and doomed social engineering practice cause. Doesn’t matter that we have pissed away trillions in wealth and paid billions to keep the crooked shell institutions the Feds use to play their games. The tax payer is told to give more so they can keep buying votes. In the mean time, they tell us they need more income, and from those evil rich of course, to cover their out of control spending – that’s the government wants higher taxes for you rubes – while in the private sector, stories like this abound. At least some of it is good news. Death to the stupid and wasteful green shit movement.

At least it looks like these hard times are not hurting Obama supporters. One buys some premium real estate, while the other dumps her citizenship in order to avoid taxes. That’s not the patriotism they tell us we should all feel when we get shafted, erm, handed the privilege of higher taxes.

Hang on for the ride people.

UPDATE:Too good for parody.

Obama’s 2nd term news

With the fiscal cliff looming, tax hikes in the wind, and Obamacare getting set to stick it to us all, things sure look great for us all. Looks like chances for getting a budget from our government in the second term look just like the first. Not gonna happen. But the fiscal cliff? Well, that one looks like it is a gimme. Jobless claims, UNEXPECTEDLY, and right after the election, are abysmally high. At least there is some Karmic justice going around. It is all Boosh’s fault! MOAR OF THIS PLEAZOR! Them is votes for the donkeys. Doesn’t matter that it’s their own insane policies that are behind this stuff.

At least everyone will soon have free healthcare! Then again, news like this, this, or even this – and funny how they blame weather, but ignore the dysfunctional Keynesian fiscal policies of the last 4 years, for inflation – sure sounds like there is some cost there. I heard the unemployment numbers where also blamed on Sandy. Evil Sandy! Is Sandy the new Boosh? Looks like we have a lot more of some of this back at home. At least we will have some leftard pining for the Russian way like another leftard, in an unguarded moment, pined for the Chicomm ways, not so long ago.

Hope ‘n Change!

President Remembers that He’s President; Holds Press Conference

He’s using the bully pulpit on tax increases for the wealthy.  Cannot hold back this tide, guys.

First question right out of the gate: Petraeus and confidential information compromised?

Consider this your open thread on the Presidential Press Conference.  God knows when we’ll see another, if at all.

Please, please, please let secession come up…

The Right Wing Meltdown: Knock It Off

It’s been downright painful watching conservatives come to grips with the reality that Obama was re-elected. A couple of my favorite sites are about ready to go all Jonestown about it and I haven’t bothered to give them more than a cursory glance for the past week.

Everywhere it’s “Why, why, why?” and “We have to change everything we believe!” and “We just had bad luck, it means nothing, nothing I tell you!” and even “We have to secede, obviously.”

It’s a collective temper tantrum. Liberals think it’s all hilarious, I might add.

At the risk of sounding like a big twat (ha, ha, ha: shut up), I’ve never been more ashamed of us as a movement or group or what-have-you. This is not the End of America, for fuck’s sake. If you’re waiting for the collective breakdown and war (or, worse, hoping for it), settle down.

It’s not Morning in America either, mind you. Let’s not kid ourselves. This country is in for a brutal decade. But that doesn’t mean that America is fatally wounded. Our country has made a shitload of really bad decisions, run up too much debt, and divided itself on some ridiculous issues that never should have become government problems. We have the bad misfortune to be home when the papers are being served.

We’re getting ready for the next act of The Great Devaluation.  Real estate and college got overvalued, made a bunch of people rich, and then it turned out to be unsustainable in the first act.  We’ve been in shit, but only ankle-deep.  The next wave hits EVERYBODY where it hurts: Our money.  We don’t have enough and what we do have is going to be worth less, if not worthless.  Stocks are going to take a major hit, companies are going to tighten their belts, and more.  This is all coming about because we built everything on crap and let our “leaders” get away with mortgaging our future with insane entitlements, limitless wars, and low taxes.    Well, welcome to the future.

Emigration isn’t an option for me and I’m not really jazzed about the idea of joining up with some asshole warlord in Civil War Episode II: Attack of the Self-Entitled Douchebags.  If you’re good with all that, then go ahead and start digging your bunker and just start waiting.  I don’t care.

The Democrats are not up to the task of handling what’s happening and frankly, I don’t think the GOP was either.  It’s too late and I think this is one of those disasters of American history that just has to happen before we can move on, like Pearl Harbor (the actual event, not the film).  I don’t know how else we break our bad habits without imposed austerity.

Now, plenty of pundits and politicians are getting their silly asses on television talking about how we need to change this and that.  Stop apologizing for rape, let the Mexicans run wild, and admit that the wage gap is deliberately caused by evil, stinky men instead of market forces.  If you want to keep going for the two party system of Democrat and Democrat-lite, that’s a personal choice.  I don’t think we need to go that far.

It is time to compromise though.  I still don’t know how to work out a “peace accord”, but I do know that we can call a truce and take the time to retrench without retreating

First, taxes must go up on high earners.  We have to give that away and I see no way we win the Battle of Fiscal Cliff without some casualties.  Coddling the rich isn’t doing us any good if they can’t even buy a Romney presidency.   It’s totally symbolic, it’s not going to help the deficit or jobs, and it’s against our beliefs.  Too bad.  We’re taking a break from worshipping the wealthy while the American people enjoy having their demagogues to spread the wealth pain around.  I still think letting all of the Bush tax cuts expire is fitting, but we should “let” the Democrats talk us out of it if they throw in something worthwhile.

Second, it’s time to end the War in Afghanistan and reduce and reorient the military to stick with what it has done best since the 19th Century: Defend North America.  Yeah, I’m going all Pat Buchanan on this.  Israel: I am really and truly sorry.  But if we’re really heading into a Civil War, it would probably be better to have our guys back here, right?

Next, let’s bite our tongues when the President takes full credit for the deal.  Let him have this last big fuckin’ deal.  I think Boehner sucks, you do too, but lets go easy on him this one time.

The unsustainability of Medicare, Social Security, and ObamaCare is not going to be seriously addressed or resolved by the federal government at this time.  Everything I’m proposing here is with the assumption that it won’t.  We get to watch and let the Democrats totally own the disaster.  When it’s time for them to give some things up and save what’s left of the Obama legacy, they’ll know.

The one issue I don’t think we should compromise on is any immigration reform that requires amnesty for those already living here.  I think America’s natural xenophobia will kick back in as those lettuce-picking jobs start looking better and better as the unemployment starts to dry up.  Be patient on this one.


Finally, screw the Constitution of the United States of America.   I think it’s time we all acknowledged that the Constitution needs a redo.  It is failing us and the American people clearly don’t believe in it or care anymore except when they want to cherry-pick one amendment or another to suit their causes.   It is almost a dead fucking letter and there are no longer any peaceful means of binding our current government back to it.

You want to scare the hell out of the DC establishment?  It’s time to call for a Constitutional Convention, through the states.  They laugh at your pathetic secession petitions but they’ll stop laughing and choke when they realize that we’re about to change the rules to fuck them over.  This isn’t a temper tantrum.  It’s a cold, dead-eyed threat of a long-term solution.  Start demanding this at every turn.  Americans are going to love the idea soon enough, if the doomsayers are right.

Conservatives and progressives simply do not agree on what kind of country we should be and what the Constitution means and independents in the middle are too brain-dead and disengaged to care.  We’re not going anywhere as a people until we firmly establish a new concept of the relationship between the federal government, the states, and the people.   Our government cannot do it at this point.

The Culture Wars were driven by the Supreme Court making these decisions for us and they’ve done an awful job.  They’re completely unpredictable and they barely even use the Constitution as the basis for rulings anymore.  Congress has ignored its fiscal duties and its members serve to benefit themselves.  The Presidency is imperial in everything but name.  Whole industries are crippled with executive orders and psychotic bureaucrats.  This has to stop.  We need to accept that the old Constitution has done nothing to restrain all three out-of-control branches of government and quit acting like the Founding Fathers were flawless gods.   What they created was beautiful, but it isn’t working anymore.

We stop the Right Wing Meltdown.   The game is still on and what is happening in Congress is everything right now (even though the Petraeus thing is the most awesome scandal of my lifetime).  My advice is to comment on the Jonestown Blogs that the histrionics are done and it’s time for a Constitutional Convention.  Start getting that into the public consciousness now.

I’ve been preaching the importance of staying on task ever since last Tuesday’s electoral calamity.  This isn’t because of my sunny disposition or optimistic outlook.  I have neither.  It’s because the United States needs a vibrant pro-Liberty movement and we’re it.

No more embarrassing theatrics.  Do it FOR THE CHIIIIIIILDREN, you bastards.

I invite all denunciations and mental health referrals.   Sometimes, you just gotta rant.