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Meghan Learns About The First Amendment

We haven’t had a good Meghan McCain story here in a while. That’s probably because her 15 minutes of fame ran out back in 2008 and it is exceedingly difficult to make a living on your writing when that writing is not all that interesting to begin with. I know Meghan can bring out the crank in many on the right. I never had a hard on (you know what I mean) for Meghan and her Meghanness. I figured:
1)That she led a pampered life and the view was always a bit skewed with those rose colored glasses.
2)You can’t fight gravity, so blood flowing to those fun bags of hers must by logic rob that flow from feeding her brain.
But I always figured she was harmless, if maybe a bit naive, and was always surprisedglad that she could actually make a living writing (blogs and books) so kudos to her being a creator of wealth, and not a detractor.

Last week (I’ve been busy and could not get to it until now) Meghan became famous again for her foray into the legal world of litigation. Over at Redstate one of their contributing authors had a lot of fun over the last few years writing columns (and making fun of Meghan in the process) parodying Meghan’s writing style. I’ve read a few over the years, and some were LAOF. It is a combination of Valley Girl speak/Manhattan leaning/Marie Antoinette-let them eat cake-bent/vocabulary challenged but throwing in some Millennial terms for deflection/ trying to be hip but mostly failing style that I guess appeals to some. Mehgan got wind of the Redstate parodies and did what all good libs would do, contacted her lawyer for a “cease and desist” threatletter and threatening litigation if Leon Wolf continued to make fun of his client. Strong arming folks that know their rights rarely works and you usually look silly in the process. Here is the legal response, written by Wolf’s lawyer back to Meghan’s lawyer, it’s short so read the whole thing.

Whether she is a “spoiled, brainless twit who is cheapening the political discourse in this country” is a matter of opinion, but this part ,”the world is a worse place because of unscrupulous lawyers who force people and companies to forego their legal rights simply because they don’t want to pay the fees lawyers to defend themselves – even from suits that are meritless on their face. It is particularly obnoxious when it is used as an effort to chill free speech – political speech, no less – as has become all too common in response to unflattering internet postings” is dead on. When you become a “public figure” your right to not be made fun of and parodied is pretty much gone.

If Meghan is going to make a living in journalism, so far so good, then knowing the legal fine points of what she does, and getting a thicker skin, is a prerequisite.