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The Menace of a Double Dip

The initial numbers for 2012 Q4 show the economy shrank at 0.1%. Are we entering a double-dip recession? Ed Morrissey breaks the numbers down a bit:

In other words, much of this drop seems to be a lack of inventory expansion. Real final sales to end purchasers rose, even if it didn’t go up by much. That would indicate that inventory expansion in Q3 and prior periods was based on overly-optimistic views of the economy.

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What Caterpillars Know

The interminable slog to the election (death by a thousand cuts) is winding down, with the last debate tonight. Although focused primarily on foreign affairs I expect Romney to connect the dots between our listless stumbling bumbling economy and how it affects the rest of the world. I also expect Bob Schieffer to understand his role and his place, no on the spot fact checks duplicitly injected to bail out their preferable ,”No, Governor, really, … Read more

Not “If”, but “When”.

As I have pointed out, we are sooner than later going to have another economic disaster, because the politicians that caused it not only didn’t fix it with a massive expansion of their power to influence which companies are protected by government and which ones can be taken down, and only made it worse, and others seem to agree. In fact it seems even the LSM now is feeling forced to report on that.… Read more