Tag: FEMA under Obama sucks still

If the guy in the WH had an “R” next to his name…

We would be bombarded nonstop with stories how this was his fault:

Nearly two months after homes in Staten Island, NY were devastated by Hurricane Sandy, residents say they’re still struggling with red tape as they try to get the government to help.

FEMA “really hasn’t done much, if anything, and they’re making people go through a whole bunch of bureaucratic tape,” one resident told MRCTV.

‘They need all the help they can get, and the red tape doesn’t help anyone. It only hurts and hinders and grows the problem,” another said.

Victims are shuffled from one desk to another for registration, an identification check, and one-on-one interviews – then referred to something called a “Mitigation Desk,” a FEMA official at a local Disaster Recovery Center explained to MRCTV.

Just remember that these are the same kind of people that have been fighting the “War on poverty” for the past 6 decades, are running Social Security and Medicare into the ground, and soon will be in charge of Obamacare and our life & death decisions. And yet, our social justice class warriors tell us these people are our salvation. We should even give up our freedoms and rights and trust them to protect us.

Fuck that. A bunch of freaking 4H or Boyscout kids could do a better job than these government morons.

The fifth column at work

Remember the noise the LSM made after Katrina about the inefficiency of the Boosh era FEMA? How incompetent these fools where, not because they were an unaccountable government behemoth, but because of Boosh being in charge and wanting to kill black people. Every LSM outlet was covering the disaster, and instead of blaming the leadership of LA for not prepping for the coming onslaught, they did their due diligence to help demonize the guy they hated. Fast forward a few years, and we have Sally smacking an unprepared east coast. The damage was huge. Obama went there to score the usual political pictures and pretend to care, but FEMA is still incompetent and at it. Only now, I have to go to Fox News to find out NYC was unprepared, FEMA sucks, and the people are pissed. In the LSM, they have moved past this story, because it will hurt their guy.

Obama, whom only really cared about the photo-op, gets a pass, Boosh however, was an evil hater tha wanted to kill colored people. And we are told there isn’t a bias in the LSM. If it was not for a double standard, the left would not have any.