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The Walmart Brand

Is the brand of “bad taste”, that which has the Made in the USA label clearly marked on the back our most popular export? If those bargain hunters that shop at Walmart are any indication, a devolution is taking place. Is the Geico caveman our next destination?

There is a popular website called People of Walmart that never ceases to amuse. Sometimes I think people intentionally dress retro (code name for WTF are you wearing?) just to make the website, but then that would indicate that some thought went into their appearance, highly unlikely.

The whole Walmart story is facinating:

The company was the world’s largest public corporation in 2010 by revenue.[3]


is the largest majority private employer


Walmart has 8,500 stores in 15 countries, under 55 different names

And for the longest time, the kids of the founder, each of which got an inheritance in stock, where the richest folks in the country, pre Bill Gates.

The closest Walmart store to me is in Napa, about 35 miles away, a bit far to indulge in bargains or freak watching, but I am always amused at how polarizing the whole concept of Walmart is.

For years, and probably still is, Walmart was the poster child with the intelligentsia for all the troubles caused by big box stores. First of all, Walmart is non union so you know what ready made enemies that causes. It was always held up as an example of the major corporations taking advantage on the little guys, all for profit motive, when in fact their base salaries, benefits packages, and working conditions were more than competitive , that is why whenever a new store goes up applications for employment skyrocket.

Another complaint was that it was a mom and pop store killer, the big box store would move in and undercut all the local businesses that had to compete. A fair assessment but in perfect keeping with the capitalist system of supply/demand. Lastly, it always invoked the elitist snobsĀ  to feign some faux indignation about attracting “those types” to the community if Walmart was allowed to build there, even though those types were already there and looking to shop more economically.

I have always preferred more choices to less choices, more competing stores vying for my business then one monopoly who will get it regardless of effort because I need what they sell. And since stores, like restaurants, need to attract and keep customers, otherwise they fold, this would provide incentive to get me in the store and get me to return, giving me the power to decide where I want to patronize.

The power of Walmart, to attract customers and generate revenue, is apparent in their success, and if a fashion show gone horribly wrong is thrown in at no charge, what’s the harm?