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Can you give me an example?

If you have not heard about it, and if you get your news from the LSM I am sure you haven’t, our Community Organizer in Chief managed to both incense an ally, and embarrass America in the Latin community, with one of those usual stupid moments we here in the US take for granted whenever TOTUS is having difficulty. Speaking to members at Summit of the Americas in Cartagena, Colombia about the British Falkland islands, in an effort to both smack the Brits as he is wont to do with our closest allies, and score points with the South Americans, he tried to refer to the group of islands by the names the Argentineans call them: the Malvinas. Only as usual, he fucked it up and called them the Maldives, another group of islands in the Indian Ocean and not the South Atlantic.

Those of us here in the US that do not limit our news to the propaganda by the LSM know Obama is prone to making this sort of idiotic mistakes. Heck, the idiot lays claims to being a constitutional scholar, then threatens the SCOTUS when they point out, correctly I add, that the mandate to purchase insurance – basically government forcing people to buy something, which means that if accepted as a valid premise government can now force you to do anything and everything it wants – in Obamacare is a travesty and unconstitutional. He also thinks we have 57 states in the union to name just another of his brilliant gaffes. But it seems that the foreign press is not aware of how stupid Obama is with or without TOTUS as a ridiculous preamble to this article shows:

Barack Obama made an uncharacteristic error, more akin to those of his predecessor George W Bush, by referring to the Falkland Islands as the Maldives.

Really? Bush made this kind of foreign policy blunder? Pissing on the legs of our allies while at the same time leaving no doubt with the people he was trying to impress that he was clueless? If any of you have any such examples, of W. screwing the pooch on the international scene and then doing so while royally shafting an ally, I will be glad to entertain them. Fuck I hate these people that make me defend Bush, but these stupid lies can not be left to stand. Bush may not have been a genius, but compared to the empty suit the LSM covers for so hard, I think he is a genius. The difference here is that in Bush’s case the LSM went out of its way to find things it could make him look stupid for saying or doing, just like they did with Dan Quayle too, and now, the members of the LSM go out of their way to cover the massive number of blunders by Obama. If I put you under a microscope and blew up every time you made the smallest of mistakes I guarantee you I can make you look like an idiot. The again, if I constantly cover up for you and keep feeding the sheeple the narrative of how smart you are, I can create that illusion as well.

Anyway, the South Americans now know for sure Obama is a dunce. Even more damaging is how his secret service is compromised – check out hooker-gate. Seriously, do these people understand that if Obama gets killed we end up with President Biden, which is about the only than more frightening and damaging than what we have now? And in the mean while, Obama managed to shaft the Brits while making himself look like a dunce, yet again. Maybe he can give the Queen another iPod with his speeches or book on it to make up for the screw job. yeah I know, I am such a racialist!

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