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I know it is wrong…

But man am I enjoying this NYT story about the sale of the Boston Globe and its implications. From their article (emphasis mine):

The New York Times Company, in its latest move to shed assets and focus more on its core brand, has agreed to sell The Boston Globe and its other New England media properties to John W. Henry, principal owner of the Boston Red Sox.

The sale, for $70 million, would return the paper to local ownership after two decades in which it struggled to stem the decline in circulation and revenue. The price would represent a staggering drop in value for The Globe, which The Times bought in 1993 for $1.1 billion, the highest price paid for an American newspaper.


The stupid NYT spent 1.1 billion to buy the globe, pushed their progressive nonsense, or as they refer to it, their core brand, then end, up selling it for a measly $70 million, because most real people would prefer to avoid the left leaning fairy tales the NYT, and for that matter the Globe, passes off as news these days. Again, the leftists are reminded by the economics of the real world why their ideas suck ass.

I am enjoying this and I don’t care if you think that’s bad on my part. Nobody deserves the royal shafting they are getting as much as the NYT. Nothing pleases me more than to see dumb ideas and those that push them rewarded with pain. Fuck these sycophants and their progressive bullshit. It could not be happening to bigger idiots IMO. In an age where the media has abdicated their duty to tell the people about how bad their government is behaving, simply because said government is an ideological fellow traveler, and those that don’t toe the line risk retaliation, watching the NYT get it, pleases me to no end. Maybe they can line up with the many other progressive entities facing the economic reality of their stupid policies, like Detroit, for federal bail outs.

We’re sooo doomed.

It looks like the genius that replaced Billary at the State Department pointed out in a speech at UV that neither China nor Middle Eastern instability are as big of a threat to America as Congress is, and by Congress this moron really means those evil people that want government to live within its means:

WASHINGTON (AP) — Secretary of State John Kerry says the greatest challenge to U.S. foreign policy is not emerging China or Middle East instability. It’s Congress.

In a speech Wednesday at the University of Virginia in Charlottesville, Kerry cited the adage that “we can’t be strong in the world unless we are strong at home.” He called the budget impasse a threat.

The State Department has said automatic spending cuts would jeopardize $2.6 billion in aid, security assistance and other international programs.

Kerry said legislators need to avoid “senseless cuts.”

Yeah congress is the problem. Not the fact that Team Blue has not passed a budget, now going on 4 years, has spent over $1 trillion more than government collected in taxes to buy votes from people that do not want to work since they took power, that they funneled nearly $1 trillion to their friends, lobbyists, special interests, and own campaign coffers, at the tax payer’s expense, shafted our young with the most costly and destructive collectivist scheme of all times when government took over control of healthcare money and decisions under the pretense that it would improve quality, access, and lower cost, and let us not forget the complete lack of focus on fixing the economy & jobs market while they destroyed the financial future of this country. No, none of those things are really the problem: the problem is with the evil people hell bent on making government live within its means.

You can not make this stupid up. Can you believe the wailing and chest beating if someone that wasn’t part of Team Blue had said something this stupid? Yeah, I thought so too. It’s not like if one guy was in office they would demand immediate help or accuse him of hating black people, while ignoring the fact that 4 months after another hurricane the people are still fucked with their guy in charge.

Shit, at least Mr. “Reporting for duty after I fucking screwed over those people that were better humans than me”, didn’t compound this stupid by talking about some totally irrelevant and idiotic collectivist scheme to rob people of their freedoms and money by instilling fear of something that was settled by something as ridiculous as the concept of “consensus science”, which literally translates to a scam done by a clique of unscientific progressive scumbags. Oh crap, he did.

Secretary of State John Kerry gave his first major foreign policy speech today. In his address, delivered at the University of Virginia, he discussed tackling climate change.

“We as a nation must have the foresight and courage to make the investments necessary to safeguard the most sacred trust we keep for our children and grandchildren: an environment not ravaged by rising seas, deadly superstorms, devastating droughts, and the other hallmarks of a dramatically changing climate,” said Kerry, according to prepared remarks.

“And let’s face it – we are all in this one together. No nation can stand alone. We share nothing so completely as our planet. When we work with others – large and small – to develop and deploy the clean technologies that will power a new world, we’re also helping create new markets and new opportunities for America’s second-to-none innovators and entrepreneurs to succeed in the next great revolution.”


Fuck these people are tediously stupid. No wonder that when the Russians finally called back it was to treat this idiot like a clerk. And it is not like the we have all kinds of horrible stories that show the State Department run by Team Blue is itself the worst enemy of US foreign policy. From the disastrous Arab Spring that led to such wonderful things like Egypt run by radical muslims, Syria in a civil war that is killing thousands, the Libyan “Kinetic Action” event that culminated with a cataclysmic event that has all but been covered over by the fifth column in Benghazi, to more recent revelations that the State Department was hard at work backstabbing our friends while consorting with the enemy. You can not make either the level of stupid up, nor the covering for the stupid. Makes you pine for when the press was really busy trying to convince us all that the people that compared to the imbeciles now in charge look like mental giants where the dumb ones. Heh.