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This “IS” how collectivism always plays out, idiots…

Surprisingly, in a parody I think most leftist, including the people at the WaPo, will miss, they have an article titled “Rare diary gives details of life under Khmer Rouge“, which describes the beautiful agrarian revolution brought to Cambodia by the Khmer Rouge. From the article:

Nearly 40 years ago, hunched on the floor of the wood-and-leaf hut he was forced to live in away from his children, Cambodian school inspector Poch Younly

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Can’t keep pretending all is well…

If you still hold the dubious and insane belief that economy impacting liberal policies – and let’s be frank, practically everything libs do has huge negative economic impact – should still be defended because in the end they mean well, ask Californians how they feel about it. As little as 3 decades ago, the collectivists were pointing at California, with all its giveaways and stupid green shit, as the model for the new world … Read more

Paper dragon revisited

The other day I had a post up about the dysmal state of affairs in China titled “Can’t hide bad news forever” and why the attempts to hide these things will eventually fail anyway, and it looks like there is another article showing
more of the same:

Measuring a nation’s military capabilities is more than counting troops, weapons and GDP. There’s also the human factor. In that area China is running into

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Can’t hide bad news forever…

Looks like the paper dragon is about to get some serious pain, as the Chinese economy no longer can hide the crap it was doing to pretend to have annual double digit growth. Too many Chinese firms are overextended and can’t repay their debt, so the Chinese government, whom had been playing games for decades to keep them up and running despite the fact they should have gone belly up, no longer has the … Read more

Exhibit ZZZ: Government controlled healthcare in a nut shell.

If government can’t run healthcare for the people that did something to actually earn the privilege of free healthcare, on a much smaller scale than what they really want to be doing, and is having all these problems, how well do you think they will do running a behemoth like Obamacare? From the article:

The processing time for disability claims at the Department of Veterans Affairs worsened in a majority its regional offices last

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Reality? We don’t need any stinking reality!

Even though this tidbit of wisdom comes from a member of the media, a group whose members tend to be amongst the world’s the worst kind of narcissistic, entitled, self centered, elitist, and disconnected from reality scumbags – especially when they are progressives that believe their jobs is to fix the world’s wrongs instead of just reporting the facts – it holds true about the political class:

Members of the political class consider themselves exempt

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Looks like we are about to get had, and they need a scapegoat to blame?

It sure as hell sounds like the excuse making has started.

Even if President Obama succeeds in getting Republicans to agree to tax hikes on the wealthy as part of a “fiscal cliff” deal, the country’s grim budget realities will still cast a long shadow — limiting his ambitions as he begins plotting a second-term agenda.

Any agreement is likely to result in less than the $1.6 trillion in new taxes over the next decade

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On Thanksgiving day, a reminder to all

Happy Thanksgiving to you all. Mine is going to be a rotten one. I will spare you the details of why and instead focus on one of the biggest problems I see us facing in America: the people that shape and spread the narrative are doing it to protect the ideological agenda, and it is only going to get worse until we admit that what they believe in, no matter how noble they pretend it … Read more

Desperation as election nears.

With some 12 days left till our election, Team Obama basically promising us 4 more years of the same economy crippling collectivist, Keynesian, big government bullshit, and all the LSM’s attempts to carry water for “THE WON” not working, the left is getting absolutely desperate. We are bombarded here in CT with class warfare commercials about how if Obama loses the bastards that will take over will basically help the rich soak us all.

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