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The British people have spoken…

To be honest with you, I doubted every poll that showed that Britian would choose to remain in the UE simply because of all the water carrying by the usual lefitst big government types, and now that the only poll that counts has been taken, the results back my suspicions. By a 52 to 48 margin, those that voted chose to pull out of the EU. As was expected, there are both financial, and political impacts, but my favorite one is that the fucking scumbags were, yet again, on the wrong side of history. I don’t have to point out that all the people that said the other guy was in thw wrong, will now have to eat some crow.

As others pointed out during some chats in comments in other threads, this might not be a great thing for the British people. After all, they could simply be trading an unaccountable corrupt and totally inept political aritocracy in Brussels for one locally, with not much changing, but then again, I think the EU has been the prime example of what is wrong with collectivism gone haywire, and thus, I am glad to see that institution crumble and fall. Basically I see the Brexit vote as the people finally rebelling against a disconnected and abusive political ideocracy that has turned their lives into a miserable thing while pretending to do them right. And I admit I am not surprised by it. The political leadership around the globe today is basically a bunch of criminal idiots and unlike politicians of the past, no longer offer any real service in return for being able to feed at the trough.

Hey, speaking of a revolt against the political class: where else are we seeing something like that? Keep that in mind whenever you hear how bad Trump’s numbers are. The political aristocracy and their lackeys in the media have a vested interest in convincing people that Trump is DOA. Take that for what it is worth.

UPDATE: Oh, oh….

Voters in France, Italy and the Netherlands are demanding their own votes on European Union membership and the euro, as the continent faces a “contagion” of referendums.

EU leaders fear a string of copycat polls could tear the organisation apart, as leaders come under pressure to emulate David Cameron and hold votes.

It came as German business leaders handed a considerable boost to the Leave campaign by saying it would be “very, very foolish” to deny the UK a free trade deal after Brexit.

Get out of it, then form a trade pact so you are not getting screwed by the crooks in Brussels sounds like a smart thing to me…

Croney capitalist billionaire wants to stop others from getting rich like him

Say what you want about Bill gates, but as of late he has turned into a giant bag of dicks. The man that managed to successfully create and hold a incestuous monopolistic relationship with big government that allowed the mega corporation he ran to crush competition and make him a fucking billionaire, now in his old age, is basically trying his best to limit membership to the exclusive he belongs to by asking that the bar that keeps the riff-raff out of the new American aristocracy be raised even more.

Never mind the idiotic fact that the crony capitalism of the last few decades that has all but subverted and destroyed the small business industries that used to keep our overregulated and overburdened economy growing by some miracle, is a direct byproduct of big government socialism he tells us we need more of. He pleads his case by calling of all things on the idiotic and discredited big government booga-boo of climate change.

Seriously? Of course they need socialism to cure climate change, duh! In fact, the people that champion this idiotic cult’s teachings were hoping that they could scare everyone else with their doomsday climate change predictions to get even more oppressive socialism that would otherwise never be acceptable rammed down people’s throats.

Don’t be fooled by these mega rich assholes, like Gates or Buffet, whom for some ungodly reason seem to push anti-capitalist bullshit. They do this for personal gain. They know they have enough power and wealth to keep anyone from taking theirs, and they push for more corrupt government control precisely because it will both benefit them personally while making it possible for them to control whom gets allowed in the credentialed aristocratic circle the left has managed to create in this country.

Capitalism died a long time ago, right about the time government inserted itself in the middle of any business transaction between willing participants, through mechanisms that control entry and protect special interests while pretending to be done to serve the public.

Fuck these assholes and the horse they rode in on. What we really need is a culling of the new aristocracy.

In the age of Obama..

The world is all upside down. The Social Justice Warriors have presided over a period when the rich have gotten richer than ever, and at a record pace. And ironically one of the biggest winners, Mr. Bezos, who raked in $16 billion in one year, runs a newspaper that makes him a ton of money peddling the SJW bullshit to idiots.

Then again, the crime syndicate in charge has had a lot of such first. Evil Boosh was a warmongering monster that made everybody hate and want to attack America. But the worst humanitarian crisis caused by war can be laid directly at the feet of the incompetent idiots showing us that it is amateur hour at every level of this administration. At least the crisis is fucking over the Europeans mostly right now, but the morons in charge will find a way to make Americans not just pay for their mistakes, but to make them suffer as well.

I won’t bore you with other such contradictions, ranging from environmental disasters caused by the very agency trying to destroy our economy with burdensome regulations that it is immune to and seem to mostly exist to help enrich connected rich people like Mr. Bezos in the first place, to the massive surveillance state created by the most open and ethical administration ever. Obamacare? That promise that it would save everyone big money, insure all the uninsured, and generally heal the sick across the board if we just let our betters pass it already? Yeah, it is costing us an arm and a leg, has barely covered a fraction of the uninsured they tauted would all disappear, and is replete with waste and horrible and destructive regulation that’s causing far more harm than if we had kept the status quo.

We are still printing money like it is going out of style and living large on borrowed money. The economy, which has been in recovery since 2009 when Black Jesus took office is in shambles, but the same idiots keep telling you all is well. Employment numbers are abysmal. Income inequality – another one of the big talking points of the SJW crowd – is at its worst. And the stock market, which had rallied primarily because of insane government spending and an ever devaluating dollar, is giving back every gain it has made.

Robots are taking the manufacturing jobs and even the McJobs, now that the SJW are pushing for insane wages for what amounts to entry level work any bozo off the street would be able to do. Cost of living is flying up, and the only reprieve is the fact that despite their promise to make us pay a shit ton more for energy usage, oil prices – you know that commodity they have been telling us for decades was just about to run out – have plummeted. And that happened despite efforts by this administration to do otherwise, although they are trying to take credit for this now.

Green energy has failed miserably (Volkswagen anyone?), across the board, and yet, this has not deterred the priesthood. After all, they have made more money than ever peddling this bullshit.

And the abuses of power continue as well. The IRS Scandal still remains unanswered. And they are not the only big government entity screwing over political enemies of the left. From the EPA to the DOJ, they are going after any and all that dare point out how corrupt these bastards are. Veterans are being fucked over. Whistleblowers that dare tell the truth about the abuses of this administration get crucified and destroyed. A criminal that has basically shown she shouldn’t be given any kind of security clearance is the top contender to replace Obama as the “Capo di tuti capi”. And the list goes on and one.

I guess, I think, my point is that these people are crooks and liars, and the true believers can’t be bothered either way. Long live the free-loaders!

This “IS” how collectivism always plays out, idiots…

Surprisingly, in a parody I think most leftist, including the people at the WaPo, will miss, they have an article titled “Rare diary gives details of life under Khmer Rouge“, which describes the beautiful agrarian revolution brought to Cambodia by the Khmer Rouge. From the article:

Nearly 40 years ago, hunched on the floor of the wood-and-leaf hut he was forced to live in away from his children, Cambodian school inspector Poch Younly kept a secret diary vividly recounting the horrors of life under the Khmer Rouge, the radical communist regime whose extreme experiment in social engineering took the lives of 1.7 million Cambodians from overwork, medical neglect, starvation and execution.

First off, the Khmer Rouge wasn’t radical. That’s what communism really is. A despicable cult that dehumanizes all but the oligarchy or tyrant in charge, and makes the rest of the people slaves. It will always deliver misery and death, because that’s all it can. The fucking left might have replaced old time religion with their nanny state, but the role played by these governments, no matter how well intentioned at the start, end up making the place look like hell (on earth).

The Khmer Rouge were emptying Cambodia’s cities, marching millions of people into the countryside to work as manual laborers. Their aim was to create an agrarian communist utopia, but they were turning the Southeast Asian nation into a slave state.

This was done because this was their idea of “Social Justice”, the same shit progressives bandy about today to justify their acts of theft and depravity. What is unmentioned in the article is Pol Pot’s belief that anyone educated needed to be exterminated. Collectivism requires drones. Like ants or bees, the serfs are supposed to support the state, which is represented basically the oligarchy or tyrant in charge.

Be it hard core communism, China’s new version of it, any variant of socialism, or even the soft crony socialism hat has pissed the prosperity created by the very systems it so despises and seeks to eradicate, the left has straddled the west with these days, the end game will always be a state where a select few or single entity holds all power and privilege. The masses will be no better than slaves, living in misery and at the whim of their masters and the army of petty bureaucrats that enforce the will of the all powerful nanny state, whom all will remind the serfs of that at every opportunity, even as the dumb serfs are fed platitudes about their rights to free shit and how good they got it now that we have “Social Justice”.

This man was killed because he didn’t like what the state demanded of him. Have no doubt that today’s left, given the opportunity, would do exactly the same to all of us that now stand in their way of implementing those “Social Justice” measures we clearly see leading to more of the same. Collectivism is probably the most evil idea to ever be foisted on humanity. Past the family unit it becomes a coercive system that deprives man of dignity and purpose. Life is not fair, but beware those that promise they can redress that, for they will do far, far worse to us than any capricious entity or fate. My experience has been that the harder I work, the luckier I have gotten. And the envy of those that do not want to work hard, but expect to get where the hard workers are, by virtue of the fact they simply exist and are thus owed (a major pillar of collectivism), can always be counted on to drag down the productive. And it is always someone else’s fault that things don’t work out as promised, or that the nanny state resorts to force, coercion, lies, and murder to hide what it is doing or force compliance.

A dark age is coming again if we don’t end the direction these progressives are taking us in. Wait until the petty bureaucrat tells you there will be no medical treatment because you have not shown them or the state proper humility and gratitude. Or worse, because you are a non conformist and don’t like the “Brave new world” they have given us. That Second Amendment is going to be key to putting a stop to this slide into oblivion. Man were those old white men with wigs smart and prescient.

Can’t keep pretending all is well…

If you still hold the dubious and insane belief that economy impacting liberal policies – and let’s be frank, practically everything libs do has huge negative economic impact – should still be defended because in the end they mean well, ask Californians how they feel about it. As little as 3 decades ago, the collectivists were pointing at California, with all its giveaways and stupid green shit, as the model for the new world order. The insanely destructive liberal beliefs could be made law of the land, and prosperity would still ensue. Nothing could derail progress, and only racist, homophobic, misogynistic, gun grabbing religious freaks believed otherwise. Reality, once you start running out of other people’s money, begs to differ.

The list of examples, clearly showing the failures of the agenda of the wealth redistribution class warriors, is long and distinguished. Wherever they get their way things go south. Of course, if you dare point out they are destroying the goose that lays the golden eggs or that they are doing something unsustainable, you are immediately accused of having ulterior and evil motives. That’s so you can’t force them to actually have to defend their failures. You can’t, after all, defend the indefensible. Nothing is free. Someone always pays. And when government is involved, we pay way too much and get a fraction of what tat is really worth.

California is a micro cosm of the faith of the US. The longer the collectivists get to fuck over the sheep, the worse things will get.

Paper dragon revisited

The other day I had a post up about the dysmal state of affairs in China titled “Can’t hide bad news forever” and why the attempts to hide these things will eventually fail anyway, and it looks like there is another article showing
more of the same:

Measuring a nation’s military capabilities is more than counting troops, weapons and GDP. There’s also the human factor. In that area China is running into problems. For example thousands of the smartest people in the country still go off each year to attend graduate school in the West and do not return. Many of the graduate students from the 1970s and 80s have returned and many have founded hugely successful businesses. But now a third of China’s most successful businessmen (and some women) are moving their families and fortunes overseas. Many of these economic refugees are obtaining dual citizenship wherever they can. Many are sending their wives to give birth in the United States, so that some of their children will be United States citizens. These refugees already have moved over half a trillion dollars in assets out of China and at current rates that will double in the next three years.

These wealthy refugees fear the pollution and corruption in China and are losing faith in the current government (a dictatorship run by the Chinese Communist Party) to set things right before the country collapses into another period of civil strife and economic collapse. There is little faith in the armed forces, who are seen as just another bunch of corrupt government bureaucrats.

While the government says that everything is under control, the one group of non-government employees most likely to know what’s really going on are running for the exits. The government quietly tries to stem this exodus but fears doing so openly because of the risk that might trigger widespread panic. But many Chinese are noticing the gradual disappearance of the families that used to occupy the mansions and luxury apartments are gone, many of them for good or most of the time. This is not good for morale.

The fact of the matter is that things are absolutely not what they seem, and based on the iceberg effect, you are only seeing the 10% of the stuff above the waterline. of course, since shit here in the US is just as bad if not worse, with the crooks currently running the country pining for the power and freedom to be like the Chinese dictators, we shouldn’t gloat much.

Can’t hide bad news forever…

Looks like the paper dragon is about to get some serious pain, as the Chinese economy no longer can hide the crap it was doing to pretend to have annual double digit growth. Too many Chinese firms are overextended and can’t repay their debt, so the Chinese government, whom had been playing games for decades to keep them up and running despite the fact they should have gone belly up, no longer has the wherewithal to do that. So it is bankruptcy for many institutions, including banks and green industries. Oh, they are trying to paint this as a good thing, but I call bullshit.

China is braced for a wave of industrial bankruptcies as its slowing economy forces companies with sky-high debts to the wall, the country’s premier has said.

Premier Li Keqiang told lenders to China’s private sector factories they should expect debt defaults as the world’s second largest economy encounters “serious challenges” in the year ahead.

Speaking after the annual session of the national people’s congress, Li Keqiang said: “We are going to confront serious challenges this year and some challenges may be even more complex.” He told lenders to China’s private sector factories they should expect debt defaults.

Li said China must “ensure steady growth, ensure employment, avert inflation and defuse risks” while also fighting pollution, among other tasks.

“So we need to strike a proper balance amidst all these goals and objectives,” he added. “This is not going to be easy,” he said.

Li’s warning followed the failure of Shanghai Chaori Solar Energy to make a payment on a 1bn yuan (£118m) bond last week. The default was the first of its kind for China and widely seen as pointing to the end of 11th-hour government bailouts for troubled enterprises.

Some analysts said the decision to let some indebted firms collapse was a sign the authorities had learned from the Japanese boom and bust experience of the late 1980s and early 1990s. Tokyo was plunged into two “lost” decades of stagnation after it prevented zombie companies from declaring bankruptcy – even blocking petitions from bondholders in the courts – when a property collapse exposed debts many times the value of their businesses.

However, figures this week revealed that Beijing is copying the Japanese tactic of ramping up public infrastructure spending to replace the steep slowdown in private sector investment. Fixed asset investment, a measure of government spending on infrastructure, expanded 17.9% during the first two months of 2014, the National Bureau of Statistics said.

China’s industrial production rose at its slowest pace in five years with surveys showing a faster slowdown than expected. Industrial output, which measures production at factories, workshops and mines, rose 8.6% in January and February year on year, which is the lowest pace of growth since the 7.3% annual growth figure recorded in April 2009.

The figures covered a two-month period owing to China’s lunar new year holiday week, which fell in both months.

Retail sales gained 11.8% in the two months from the year before, the lowest since an 11.6% increase in February 2011.

The pessimistic data surprised economists but followed indicators for manufacturing, trade and inflation that also suggested weakness in China’s economy.

If they had learned the lesson, they would not have let this go on for decades. What we have here is the government reaching the end of their rope and deciding they would rather survive, and of course not risk a catastrophic implosion that would cost them power, than keep pretending things are fine. The Chicomms had to keep these failed entities propped up so they could keep the rest of the world under the illusion that their economy was still growing steadily and by insane numbers. We are all going to be butt hurt because of this.

Exhibit ZZZ: Government controlled healthcare in a nut shell.

If government can’t run healthcare for the people that did something to actually earn the privilege of free healthcare, on a much smaller scale than what they really want to be doing, and is having all these problems, how well do you think they will do running a behemoth like Obamacare? From the article:

The processing time for disability claims at the Department of Veterans Affairs worsened in a majority its regional offices last year, and the VA has struggled with its much-anticipated plan to correct its problems, according to two recent audits and a review of department data. The result for veterans is longer waits – often for disability decisions that are incorrect.

The declining performance came in a year the VA was working to boost its performance, hoping to meet long-standing department goals to decide veterans’ claims faster and more accurately. Office by office, the department is switching to a new processing system designed to eliminate paper records, curtail pointless shuffling of files and speed decision-making. The VA plans to move all offices to the new system by the end of the year.

In recent months, however, performance has been slipping. Beyond that, two recent audits call into question the VA’s ability to transform the department as planned. The department’s inspector general, in a report dated last week, said it was too early to know whether the new system would help the VA reached its goals.

I can’t say I am surprised. This is why the “good enough for government work” line exists.. Unfortunately the left wants to foist this all on us because they think profits is a dirty word and they are control freaks. They would rather have horrible healthcare, rationed and controlled by faceless petty bureaucrats with delusions of grandeur, and needless suffering and pain, not to mention deaths, than let someone make a profit. How sad and stupid that irrational envy can drive people to cut off their nose to spite their face.

If we can not have government do healthcare right, on a micro scale, for people that actually have earend it, how do we expect them to do it when they want everyone in a nation of some 300 million plus to have to funnel through them to get it, huh? Good luck with that. At least I hope I will always be able to afford my own private healthcare, and like the politicians, avoid the very horrible system they have condemned everyone else to. Bad tetth and death pannels for all!

Reality? We don’t need any stinking reality!

Even though this tidbit of wisdom comes from a member of the media, a group whose members tend to be amongst the world’s the worst kind of narcissistic, entitled, self centered, elitist, and disconnected from reality scumbags – especially when they are progressives that believe their jobs is to fix the world’s wrongs instead of just reporting the facts – it holds true about the political class:

Members of the political class consider themselves exempt from the routine constraints that apply to their fellow citizens. They feel certain that they are making extraordinary sacrifices, and therefore deserve exceptional compensation (this emotion is the psychological trigger that sets off a great deal of low-level corruption). Once in government, they are soon part of a parallel reality, in which they live and breathe a separate world than the one experienced by voters.

Though this dichotomy is powerfully present at Westminster, it is worse by far on the European mainland, where a barrier between civil society and the state-funded political elite was erected several decades ago. It was this elite that made the collective decision to piledrive through European monetary union at the end of the last century. It literally cannot conceive that the euro might fail, a state of mind that has generated a series of arresting epistemological consequences.

The European elite now constructs reality around the euro, not the other way around – a method that involves all manner of ungainly manoeuvring and deceit.

There you have it in a nutshell: ideology trumps reality with these pedantic, self absorbed power mongers, and because they are convinced that they mean well, they continue to ignore reality and forge ahead with their delusional plan. It’s the very definition of insanity, as postulated by Einstein: trying the same stupid thing over and over, and expecting a different outcome this time. It’s never that the end goals and processes of their wealth redistributionist, social justice spreading, utopian fantasy cult’s altar they pretend to worship at, are flawed. No, the problem is in the execution, or the people that have executed it, only to see it all unravel in the end. So the stupid they prevaricate violates not just the laws of economics, the laws of nature, and human laws, it is a noble cause! Never mind that wherever this has played itself out over the last century plus, we have seen it devolve into the imprisonment of billions and the murder of over a hundred million at the hands of these well meaning sadists.

The political class feels it deserves privilege. And why not? Are they not the ones taking on the burden of fighting this noble and impossible fight? Breaking eggs to make them omelets and what not. They mean well! So they want reality to conform to their agenda. If not, they will force it to happen. And the unforeseen consequences of that attempt to bend reality to create fantasy land is never their fault. It’s the stupid people that don’t know their betters are doing it all for them, to better their lot, that ruin everything by not conforming. That these things eventually end in misery for all but the elite, like North Korea or Venezuela, and even Greece, and some of the other PIIGS members, is simply ignored.

And it is not just the entitled and elitist European politicians that have their head up their collective – pun intended – asses. Our progressives here in the US are just as bad, if not worse. The author in this piece gives the following tidbit:

It is this underlying philosophical disposition that explains the continued reverence felt by the European political class for the euro, when empiricists would have given up long ago. Indeed, it is impossible to avoid a certain grudging respect for the imperishable optimism of the single-currency enthusiasts, their absolute refusal to be deterred by adversity and contrary evidence. (This is something they have in common with the American neo-cons, unrepentant despite the twin calamities of Afghanistan and Iraq, and still urging fresh fields for armed intervention.)

One could apply the same logic to the Keynesians and the real world outcome of the policies that come from their nonsense beliefs. Then again, an astute observer would know that the problem the European political class faces is precisely that they are a bunch of collectivist Keynesians that refuse to give up on the Euro, and continue to pretend they can bend the laws of nature, economics, and human nature. It doesn’t work. But, “Social Justice!”, whatever that may mean. Their disconnect from reality is why we spend so much more than we can take in, and complain that the problem isn’t government spending too much, but that they are not taking away enough. If government only took enough, then it would be all rainbows and unicorns. By that logic they should do what the communists did: take it all. Whenever you hear a privileged and stinking rich politician tell you he cares about the little guy, if what eh is talking about isn’t getting government out of the way so the little guy can have a shot at prosperity, beware. What they offer will defy reality, and in the end, it will just cause pain and misery.

Looks like we are about to get had, and they need a scapegoat to blame?

It sure as hell sounds like the excuse making has started.

Even if President Obama succeeds in getting Republicans to agree to tax hikes on the wealthy as part of a “fiscal cliff” deal, the country’s grim budget realities will still cast a long shadow — limiting his ambitions as he begins plotting a second-term agenda.

Any agreement is likely to result in less than the $1.6 trillion in new taxes over the next decade that Obama requested in his initial offer to House Republicans, and White House aides are signaling to allies that any new money from taxes would be used almost entirely for deficit reduction — not for ambitious, new spending programs or government expansions.

I say we can pretty much blame the policies he championed the first 4 years for that, but I doubt the left wants to. Funny that these DNC tools do not mention that no matter what tax hike this asshole gets the republicans to go along with, that this all will be meaningless. First off, he isn’t cutting any spending – cuts 10 or 20 years from now don’t count – and has already proposed some $225 in additional spending. This comes at a time when government is already spending a trillion a year more than they can collect. CM’s bullshit CBO projections – I already showed how reliable that nonsense prediction that somehow government will lower that trillion dollar gap magically are by comparing the results of the 2009 predictions with reality – aside, we are looking at at least $10 trillion of new debt. These tax hikes are not even going to be a drop in the bucket. We need cuts. Big bonejarring cuts.

But the LSM isn’t at all dissuaded by the over spending problem. It’s not that Keynesian economics fails, it is that we are not taxing enough from them evil rich! So we get more nonsense about how the shit Obama did was supposed to help:

Where Obama entered office four years ago planning to seize a moment of economic crisis as an opportunity for transformational policies such as the $800 billion stimulus and his health care overhaul, he begins his second four years with few, if any, similarly expansive or costly prospects.

Actually, “poor Obama”, and us too I should add, find ourselves today at this nightmare economic junction precisely because of that money the porkulus bill funneled to donkey constituencies, in the process producing negligible, if any, economic boosing. That and the massive economic repercussions of Obamacare basically handing government control of 1/6th of our economy and our life and death decisions. I am surprised they didn’t blame Boosh. Maybe it was implied. But oh, the pain!

Instead, any new spending programs will, by necessity, be small and narrow in scope: repairs to roads and bridges, airport renovations and other infrastructure upgrades, for example, or modest grants to help blighted city neighborhoods.

Get it? MOAR SPENDINGZ! Wait a minute, too. I thought that $800 trillion was already supposed to fix those roads, bridges and airports? Guess they are indirectly admitting the money ended up in someone else’s pockets, huh? Maybe like Kruababe they feel there wasn’t enough money to line donkey pockets and fix things, so the priorities won out. We should spend more. And I am sure this time around it will actually go to do what they promised us last time! Just let Obama have the power to raise the debt ceiling at will, and all will be well.

Heh. Maybe that’s why we find out that somehow Maxine Waters was made top donkey on the finance committee. Wait a minute, there.

This is really an extraordinary development. “Flabbergasting” might be a more apt word. Leave aside the recent ethics investigation over whether she used her position on the committee to help a bank her husband was involved with (which ended with her chief of staff getting reprimanded). Maxine Waters reliably delivers the craziest questions and the most bizarre speeches on that committee, and tends to demonstrate a stunning lack of grasp of the committee’s core subject matter.

The classic of the her oeuvre is, of course, the committee hearing on the financial crisis, in which eight heads of major financial institutions like Citi, State Street, Bank of America, Goldman Sachs, and Morgan Stanley were pretty ruthlessly grilled by members of Congress about how they had gotten the economy into the largest catastrophe since the Great Depression, and the greatest capital loss in history. Here is Maxine Waters, who uses her time to ask the following questions:

Are we talking about that Maxine Waters that used her position to enrich her husband’s companies? The Maxine Waters being investigated for corruption on a grand scale? Well, the one going through a show that is supposed to convince people she is being investigated. Holder has got her back, I bet. What’s the strategy here, I wonder? Nah, I don’t really wonder, I am betting this is done on purpose. This loon is going to help them confuse things and steal & waste more of our money. We are sooo screwed.