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When I say this model is unsustainable..

It is because of facts like the following:

Buried deep on the website of the U.S. Census Bureau is a number every American citizen, and especially those entrusted with public office, should know. It is 86,429,000.

That is the number of Americans who in 2012 got up every morning and went to work — in the private sector — and did it week after week after week.

In 2012, according to the Census

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Paper dragon revisited

The other day I had a post up about the dysmal state of affairs in China titled “Can’t hide bad news forever” and why the attempts to hide these things will eventually fail anyway, and it looks like there is another article showing
more of the same:

Measuring a nation’s military capabilities is more than counting troops, weapons and GDP. There’s also the human factor. In that area China is running into

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Can’t hide bad news forever…

Looks like the paper dragon is about to get some serious pain, as the Chinese economy no longer can hide the crap it was doing to pretend to have annual double digit growth. Too many Chinese firms are overextended and can’t repay their debt, so the Chinese government, whom had been playing games for decades to keep them up and running despite the fact they should have gone belly up, no longer has the … Read more

Can’t say I am surprised

I have dealt with plenty of libs that have made the argument that stupid rednecks vote against their own interests when they don’t vote for nanny state democrats, the assumption being that nanny state democrats and their massive vote buying scheme is something that benefits people the left feels are too stupid to do things on their own. And you bet that rednecks, along with minorities, are all seen as people that can’t do anything … Read more

You have got your facts wrong buddy

Peter Hatcher at “The Sidney Morning Herald” has an editorial post titled Poll shock as Swiss vote to slam the door shut dealing with the recent vote in Switzerland to curtail immigration.

So it seemed unlikely the Swiss would vote to put new limits on their country’s immigration intake in the referendum held at the weekend. The opinion polls concurred – surveys showed most Swiss opposed the idea of putting a cap on annual immigration

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Making me right again

It looks like the CBO is making me look right again by revising their projected US government budget deficits to show them not shrinking as fast as previously predicted. Note that the graph is in percentage of GDP, which in and of istelf is a way to hide the fact things are getting worse, since GDP is projected to keep gowing up. So the further out you go, the bigger the actual deficit dollar … Read more

The title of this article is priceless

And it is, by far the best illustrations of what happens every time democrats, but espcially Black Jesus, talks about focusing on jobs instead of the usual bullshit collectivist “grow the nanny state and provide as many votes to our party schemes and scams” strategy, for a change: To show support for jobless, Obama invites some over to his big white mansion:

Fallon: President Obama invited unemployed Americans to the White House for a

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That drop in unemployment you heard about from the leftards put into perspective

The left is all atwitter about how unemployment has been dropping, even going so far as to acknowledge that the 7.6% number they tout, comes with abysmally low new job numbers. I actually had one of these idiots show their lack of gall by telling me these numbers prove that the economy was finally responding to all the hard work the marxist have been doing. Shit, it’s a miracle things are not worse … Read more

With friends like these…

If you have missed it, the left and LSM have been trying real hard to agitate their greedy and envious base, around the fact that they, yet again, because of the destruction caused by their policies and laws on our economy, have to extend unemployment benefits. The left pretends real hard that they are motivated to extend unemployment benefits past 99 weeks – think hard about that insane number – because they care and are … Read more

If you encourage them to act like dolts, they will

The other day I was having a conversation with someone that was telling me that we make kids grow up way too soon these days, and was absolutely baffled at how little this person really knew about what things really are like. When I pointed out that for countless generations, and millennia, due to the simple fact of life expectancy being low, kids became adults – they had their own kids, joined the work force, … Read more

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