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Unintended consequence!

Or something. Yeah, sure. What do you ask am I talking about? Well, the left’s recent realization that carrying a shit-ton of student debt will prevent you from buying a home. Now the left limits it to first time home buyers, but it applies to any homebuyer at all: if you have a student debt that is as big as a mortgage you have shown you are not a reliable debtor to most sane … Read more

I am going back to incandescent bulbs, man

So let me set this up for you so you can see who startling stupid these green laws really are, and I am gonna use someone else’s work to do this. Let’s set the stage:

Starting Jan. 1, the United States will no longer manufacture or import incandescent bulbs – although stores can still sell what they have in stock. The phaseout is a result of federal rules to switch to more energy-efficient bulbs. Energy-efficient

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Yeah, this is some serious genius that’s gonna end well

I am not the first to make the prediction that this idiotic idea will result in massive abuse and cost the tax payers of New York a pretty penny. From the article:

New York’s first bank dedicated to boosting the deployment of clean technologies is set to open in early 2014, after the state’s Governor confirmed an initial $210 million of funding.

The NY Green Bank is eventually expected to be capitalized with $1 billion,

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Media angry at the WH, but for the wrong reasons, as usual.

Some of the DNC propagandists in the LSM are apparently wising up to the fact that not only does this WH not consider them as partners, but that they are considered as nothing but tools to be used and abused, and they are now somehow indignant.

Two truths rule the relationship between a president and the White House media in modern times.

1) The media will always want more access, no matter how much

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I told you so…

And now, even the WaPo opinion section has to admit, that cash for clunkers was beyond imbecilic.

When the Obama administration first proposed its “cash for clunkers” plan in 2009, the reaction was generally favorable. Congress would spend $2.85 billion to encourage drivers to swap their old gas-guzzlers for newer, more fuel-efficient cars.

The program had something for everyone: It would lend a hand to the ailing U.S. auto industry. It would tamp down

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I am not surprised…

What if you hada solar project auction, and nobody showed up?

The plan to auction rights to federal land across the West for solar-power plants got off to a rocky start Thursday when no bidders showed up for the first auction in Colorado. Uncertainties about the solar market and federal rules probably were major factors in the auction’s failure, industry officials said.

Five companies had filed preliminary applications for the three San Luis Valley

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Revisiting the Detroit problem

As if it was necessary to point out that Detroit’s problems were liberal ideology driven and self inflicted, we get information like this about the city of Detroit’s pension problem:

I’m rarely speechless, but I’m having trouble putting my emotions into words after reading the latest report on the Detroit pension situation. Now, I admit it: I’m kind of naïve. Usually when I see an underfunded pension, I think to myself “poor pensioners — undone

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96% of new jobs in 2013 are part-time jobs

The numbers don’t lie, and the numbers say that 96% of the jobs added this year are part-time jobs, if you look from January to now. That’s just plain scary shit considering how much worse Obamacare and other leftist policies in the pipeline are going to make things.

Many out there are trying to dispute these numbers. Be careful buying the attempts to pretend that it is only 59% or 63%, because when you … Read more

WaPo gets 4 out of 5 right (accidentally?)..

Well, as was previously mentioned, the latest information about employment in the US is down right shitty. That’s after 5 years of liberals pretending they were going to fix that with green energy jobs, a whole bunch of other nonsense that killed jobs instead, and a whole lot of what not, things are getting worse, and doing so faster. At least they no longer blame Boosh. So WaPo has an article that for once Read more

German solar industry is imploding

The other day in a post I made about the reversal of opinion about the impact of salt consumption some in the comment section decided to tell me I was stupid for pointing out solar energy was a waste of time. Well, everybody likes to bring up German success with solar energy, but the wheels are coming off that cart it looks like:

Germany produced a record 23.9 gigawatts of electricity yesterday from thousands of

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