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Lie of the Year: Your Healthcare

Politifact has chosen Barack Obama’s “if you like your healthcare plan, you can keep it” as the Lie of the Year. Prepare for the Left Wing to suddenly turn on Politifact (as they did a couple of years ago when PF picked “Republicans will end Medicare” as their lie). Prepare also for all kinds of explanations as to why Obama’s promise was actually really correct, if you make assumptions X, Y and Z, even if a hundred million people disagree.

But also remember this. As pointed out by numerous others, in 2008, Politifact rated Obama’s claim as true. This shows one of the big dangers of the fact-checkers, one I have harped on many times specifically in reference to Obamacare, but in other respects as well: You can’t fact check something that hasn’t happened yet. That’s especially true when, like Politifact, you didn’t do your homework the first time. But it’s always true. You can’t claim as a “fact” that Budget Deal X will reduce the deficit. You can claim that, in the opinion of the CBO, the OMB or the Illuminati, it will. But if someone disagrees with that prediction, they may be dishonest, pandering or flying in the face of overwhelming evidence; but they are not factually wrong until they are factually wrong.

Domestic policy, economics and healthcare projections are not like laws of physics. Let’s stop treating them like they are.