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Government run Healthcare genius.

I am not at all surprised to find that the people that so love and want government controlled healthcare – because of those evil profit making insurance companies and their callous ways – would think this refusal to be genius and just:

A man from Nyköping in eastern Sweden has been denied a power wheelchair despite having had both of his legs amputated as the local health authority remained “uncertain if the impairment was permanent”. The man had his legs amputated after a long struggle with diabetes, but despite being unable get about, his application for a power wheelchair has been denied. “I was bitterly disappointed in the local authorities. I don’t feel I got the support I deserve,” Evert Stefansson told The Local. Evert Stefansson had struggled with his health for a long time. As a long-suffering diabetic his kidneys have taken a beating, as has his eyesight.

I would also not be surprised to find out that they refused him because they think he isn’t doing a good job dealing with his diabetic condition. It’s just as likely to be that as it is them callously calculating that he isn’t long for this world and a set of wheels would be wasted on him. Of course, it could also be that they think this guy has lizard DNA and will regrow his appendages or that he is slated to get bionic legs and thus not need them sweet wheels. Any way you cut it, it isn’t what they tell us it is going to be when the “right” people are in charge of this stuff.