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We Are Shocked, Shocked! To Find Out That There Is Spying Going On In Here

That European governments are shocked is literally the headline over at CNN:

European officials reacted with fury Sunday to a report that the U.S. National Security Agency spied on EU offices.

The European Union warned that if the report is accurate, it will have tremendous repercussions.

“I am deeply worried and shocked about the allegations,” European Parliament President Martin Schulz said in a statement. “If the allegations prove to be true, it would be

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Wealth redistributionists hit a tough spot?

The heroes of our American left, and have no doubt that the left here wants to reshape our country to be like this imploding European socialist morass they admire, seem to have reached an impasse. They can’t figure out how to get more of other people’s money.

European Union leaders failed to agree on the 27 nation bloc’s next seven-year budget, replaying the clash between rich and poor countries that has stymied the response

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The Peace Laugh

It’s official. The Nobel Peace Prize has little more import than Time’s Man of the Year:

The European Union won the Nobel Peace Prize on Friday as it grapples with the worst crisis since its founding — devastating debt and the threat of disintegration.
The prestigious award was a salute to the struggling 27-nation union for its work in promoting democracy and reconciliation since World War II.

They’re pretty close to plunging us back … Read more

Self immolation 101.

In a stunning display of how unconcerned and unrealistic the left really is, a too large majority of the people that live off the labor of the productive, voted to keep the gravy train speeding down the tracks towards the collapsed bridge. The winning ticket?

Sunday’s election capped a stunning comeback for Hollande, whose career appeared to be all but over after he left the leadership of the Socialist Party in 2008.

It also

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The problem is….. Not socialism!

Either Bush was one heck of a “Doctor Evil”, setting into motion plans long ago how to have the collapse of the EU come about, or I think that the German politicians are now no longer as enamored with the Organizer-in-Chief as they used to be, because they blame the US for the Euro downgrade.

Seriously? Socialist retards that are furiously rearranging the deck chairs while the band plays on the Titanic, now pretend … Read more

EU Outlaws Reality

As bad as our government can get, at least it’s not the fucking EU:

EU officials concluded that, following a three-year investigation

Stop the press. I want us all to pause for a moment and reflect on what we could do with a three-year investigation. Three years. 21 scientists. God knows how much effort. All to find:

Brussels bureaucrats were ridiculed yesterday after banning drink manufacturers from claiming that water can prevent dehydration.

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Not “If”, but “When”.

As I have pointed out, we are sooner than later going to have another economic disaster, because the politicians that caused it not only didn’t fix it with a massive expansion of their power to influence which companies are protected by government and which ones can be taken down, and only made it worse, and others seem to agree. In fact it seems even the LSM now is feeling forced to report on that.… Read more

Spoiled brats want parents to be hit by bus and die…

For those that wonder where that came from: it was an Eddie Murphy skit. Basically he is talking about how when he was a kid he got in big trouble – totally his fault – and then wished his mother would get hit by a bus and die. Something like that seems to be playing out in Europe, where the Germans, in the role of the parent, are imposing austerity measures of the Greeks that … Read more

Blowing Up the EU

I haven’t blogged much about the looming crisis in the EU primarily because I don’t know what to say. It seems completely out of our hands. The latest is that a deal will be made to preserve the union and bail out the PIIGS. If I were running the place, I’d probably combine the two solutions: pay the PIIGS to leave the EU until they get their houses in order.

However, maybe the European Union … Read more

Government controlled healthcare to be outsourced in the UK.

It looks like the government controlled British healthcare system has worked so well for the people that they are now being forced to, of all possible horrors, farm the work out to a foreign private company.

A German company has been in talks to take over NHS hospitals, the first tangible evidence that foreign multinationals will be able to run state-owned acute services, a market worth £8bn, the Guardian can reveal.

On the eve

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