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The Fat Stupid Terrorist Enemy of My Enemy Is Not My Fat Stupid Terrorist Friend

You know, even though I think he’s right on policy, I’m still going to ignore what this asshole says:

James Taranto points to a new op-ed by Paul Watson, the hoodie-clad vegan vigilante whose campaign to physically impede whaling is the the subject of a hit (and parodied) reality show.

The “betrayal” he’s talking about started with a 2010 proposal by the administration to suspend, for 10 years, the current moratorium on whaling. Their argument: It was a Swiss cheese moratorium that rogue nations were exploiting easily. The strategy directly contravened what Obama had promised Greenpeace, and it died, but — tell me if this sounds familiar — the administration has kept on looking for incremental bargains that the activist base views as inexcusable sell-outs.

I’m still puzzling out that paragraph. The whaling ban wasn’t working well so … we should suspend it? How is that going to help the whales? Maybe this is just more of Obama’s brilliance that’s way over my head.

In any case, Paul Watson is right. But that doesn’t change the basic premise of Paul Watson which is: fuck Paul Watson. This is the guy who is the star of “Whale Wars”, which touts his attempts to stop illegal whaling. My first exposure to him was an MSNBC interview where the interviewer was cringingly obsequious, gushing about what an honor it was to talk to him and how amazing his adventures were.

What he really is, however, is a terrorist. Greenpeace wasn’t radical enough for him, so he founded his own “direct action” group which rams whaling ships, throws stink bombs on board and scuttles ships in harbor. He’s engaged in the awful and dangerous practice of “tree spiking”, has written in support of environmental sabotage and attacked fishing boats. He’s a radical environmentalist who thinks human population should be less than a billion and left the Sierra Club after they balked at his radical anti-immigration stance. He’s also a shameless publicity whore who feeds off a fawning media.

That this man has a TV show and the ear of the media is disgraceful enough. Let’s not worsen it by thinking he has anything interesting to say about politics. His denouncing of Obama’s whaling policy should mostly make people wonder if Obama got it right.

(I’ve been looking to unload on this twerp for a while. You should watch Penn and Teller’s Endangered Species episode of Bullshit! or South’s Park’s Whale Whores for more on him.)