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Some perspective on job & economic reality over the last few years

Five years ago when Black Jesus was crowned as the second coming and elected to the once prestigious office of the President of the United States, I remember having a few discussion with a bunch of progressive types at work. My warnings that Black Jesus and his cadre were about to destroy the economy, through the usual progressive belief that forceful coercion of the laws of economics, physics, chemistry, and human nature, by government fiat, were dismissed as crazy talk. Even worse, these types all stressed that the new democrat takeover amounted to the people agreeing with them that using the power of government to force their ideological beliefs and agenda on a reality that didn’t care a whit about unicorns or stupid collectivist fantasies about engineering “social justice” or what not, was a given.

In this case they told me Obama’s win was a mandate (not to be confused with 2 guys going out on a date) to create whatever the fuck a “green” economy is supposed to. That was the wave of the future. And Obama’s green economy was going to make America great, fix the economy, and make a lot of people rich. They were partially right: some people connected to the democrats got very rich from this idiotic green economy nonsense. Tax payers and America however didn’t fare so well. And we all know that despite the propaganda about how the economic recovery is just around the corner that we have been continuously subjected to by the LSM for the last 5 years, followed by all that “unexpected” revision to bad news, that our economy remains on life support.

Without the annual trillion dollar government stimulus spending porkulous handouts to democrat friends, lobbyists, donors, and campaign coffers, we would be in a nose dive. They have been playing fast and loose with fiscal policy. Printing, borrowing, and in general playing a shell game – we have not had a budget because of our Senate for going on 5 years now – all to mitigate the obvious damage they are doing. That green jobs economy has not only not materialized, it has sucked up billions and returned little.

But the funny thing is that as part of that green jobs agenda they have been hard at work destroying what they refer to as the brown (carbon fuel based) economy. And yet, we now find out that despite their massive campaign against the brown economy, that it is the brown economy that is creating jobs and wealth. Can you imagine how much better things would be for the economy and job market situation if these fucks were not undermining this growth at every opportunity and pissing away so much money trying to pretend their green economy is anything but a fantasy? From the article:

President Obama’s campaign promises of millions of green jobs haven’t materialized. A draft report by the Government Accountability Office found that the Labor Department’s $500 billion program to train people for green jobs produced just 55 percent of its targeted job placements—and most of those jobs were not in the solar or biofuels industries. But while green employment withers, brown jobs are booming: according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the oil and gas industry has added more than 162,000 jobs since 2007, a 40 percent increase. That growth rate is much higher than that of the total private sector, which has grown just 1 percent over the same time period.

The benefits of these new oil and gas jobs—which include positions drilling the wells, extracting the oil and gas, and supporting drilling operations—extend well beyond the men and women working American shale fields, the Energy Information Administration reports:

Beyond within-sector employment, oil and gas industry activity also directly supports output and employment in other domestic sectors, such as suppliers of pipe, drilling equipment, and other drilling materials. In addition, as with other forms of economic activity, there are indirect employment effects stemming from purchases made by industry and employees spending of their incomes. Because employee expenditures are closely tied to their incomes, higher paying jobs, such as those in the oil and gas sector, tend to have larger indirect effects on output and employment than lower paying ones.

The shale boom isn’t just providing American industry with cheap energy; it’s giving hundreds of thousands of Americans high-paying jobs and a path to recovery from the recent recession.

Let me ask again: can you imagine how much better this growth would be if the people that think government should pick winners & losers – meaning they get to choose who, works, who’s not paying too much for basic necessities, who gets wealthy, and who doesn’t – were not allowed to pull that shit? This green nonsense needs to die off, and die off quick.