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High energy prices are “the” policy?

Well, so says this NR post, which makes the case that the Obama WH has purposefully engaged in an agenda to cause higher energy prices when it failed to get “Cap & Tax” forced through congress to push its “green” energy agenda:

A new report from the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform details a disturbing “pattern of evidence” indicating that not only are the Obama administration’s energy policies responsible for higher oil and gas prices, but that the administration’s energy policy, in fact, is higher gas prices.

The report’s findings are the result of an extensive committee review of public records, policy analysis, statements and e-mails from administration officials, and reveal “a pattern of actions [that] shows the Administration is, in fact, pursuing an agenda to raise the price Americans pay for energy,” according to a copy of the report obtained by National Review Online.

“What President Obama failed to accomplish through the so-called ‘cap and trade’ program, his administration is attempting to accomplish through regulatory roadblocks, energy tax increases, and other targeted efforts to prohibit development of domestic energy resources,” the report concludes.

Energy prices are currently artificially high, despite the fact that we are still in a recession that the Obama administrations seems to be doing its best to drag on as long as possible, and while the WH and the democrats have made a concerted effort to blame everyone but themselves, this House committee points out that the WH itself has obviously been creating the artificial shortage to drive up prices. Pretty ugly stuff:

According to the report, the administration’s “concerted campaign” to keep energy prices high extends “across government agencies” and constitutes a complete disregard for governmental transparency, much less the pocketbooks of all of those affected by the increased cost of energy. “An effort to intentionally raise the costs of traditional energy sources is a dangerous strategy that will harm economic recovery and job growth,” the report asserts. “If past statements of key administration officials are indeed reflections of the policies they are pursuing, this strategy is playing a quiet but significant role in the higher energy prices Americans are currently paying.”

Its obvious that as long as our energy policy is to make it as hard as possible to get real energy of any kind to push this green mendacity the left hopes will make so many of them rich, that the prices of energy will stay high. The next time you hear one of the scumbags tell you how the oil companies or the traders are screwing us, remember that it is the policy to prevent us from getting our own resources that’s doing the most to push prices up. At this point I think the WH even feels their aids in the MSM will deflect the blame with enough effect to avoid hurting them at the polls in the next election, which in terms of new energy generation is very close, because they seem unwilling to really do more than talk.

The next time you pay an arm and a leg at the pump, or when you sign a new heating oil contract that makes you feel like you are yanking out a kidney with a butter knife, remember why this stuff is really so expensive.