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Remember that discussion..

Where I pointed out Obama’s green agenda was anti-energy, and by his own admission – that video people told me didn’t prove anything, despite Obama saying that energy prices where going to go up, and up drastically, if he got his way – only to be hammered for putting words in his mouth? Well, we are now further down the line, and team Obama has been real busy, and guess what we are now finding out: Obama meant what he said about closing down plants and energy prices going up. Oh yes, the piece is by that retard Ezra Klein, and he is really, really trying hard to spin this in a positive manner for the Obama Administration and for the greens, but the facts are indisputable, according to Klein himself:

First, the report agrees that the new rules will likely force the closure of many coal plants between now and 2017, although it’s difficult to know precisely how many. For green groups, that’s a feature, not a bug: Many of these will be the oldest and dirtiest plants around. About 110 gigawatts, or one-third of all coal capacity in the United States, came online between 1940 and 1969. Many of these plants were grandfathered in under the Clean Air Act, and about two-thirds of them don’t have scrubbers:

Anything past that is bullshit. We have not built new generation in the US to come close to covering even 5% of what will be lost, and now we are getting an admission that as much as 1/3 of our power generation capability is about to go offline. And how does Klein explain that impact away?

CRS notes that many of the plants most affected by the new EPA rules were facing extinction anyway: “Many of these plants are inefficient and are being replaced by more efficient combined cycle natural gas plants, a development likely to be encouraged if the price of competing fuel—natural gas—continues to be low, almost regardless of EPA rules.”

Oh yes! They where going to be shut down sooner or later anyway, so losing them all in a very short time span shouldn’t really mean anything. The rest is plain and outright nonsense. Talk about being out there. Seriously, this is how the left thinks. I wish the universe would provide some justice assuring that the nightmare this idiotic scenario is going to cause everyone disproportionately impacts leftist blue states the hardest.

Unfortunately it seems the libs did this to disproportionately hit those red states that have faired the best during this recessionary period they gave us, and I am not surprised. And this news comes at a time when we find out that the green push is failing. Maybe the good news is that with nobody buying those over expensive government pushes stupid electric cars, the draw on the grid this phenomenon would have caused won’t become a factor. Little consolation for those that will see a doubling in their energy costs and even rolling black outs. Maybe the EPA can claim this then is all just another from of government stimulus, like some other idiots did about welfare, too.

At this point the Carter years are starting to look like they where pretty decent compared to what Obama is doing.