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Sorry, but you can not have it both ways.

As several states have had voting measures pass and legalize pot smoking, and the Feds have still not come down like a ton of bricks on the tokers, there still remains some unsolved big issues. True, the fact that the Feds are not respecting the will of the people when states vote to legalize pot, is problematic, but it is far from the biggest issue IMO.

I believe MJ is here to stay, so now we better take a good look at the laws to protect those of us that are not going to be stoned out of our heads and are out there sharing everything with these people, just like we have for those consuming alcohol. I am not knocking tokers or drinkers. I don’t do drugs, but I have been known to drink occasionally. So I am quite familiar with the rules around drinking. Drinkers hate these rules, and it looks like tokers also hate the idea of strong rules.

(Reuters) – A judge on Friday rejected a request by a medical marijuana user to block Washington state from enforcing tougher “stoned driving” rules after it became one of the first U.S. states to legalize the recreational use of marijuana.

Washington state voters last month approved marijuana legalization by a margin of 56 percent to 44 percent, making the state, along with Colorado, the first in the country to legalize recreational pot use.

Can’t say I am surprised, but I think this is a fight they need to lose. I am sure most tokers want to be thought of as responsible people, but there is a reason we can not ignore that we are inundated with such movies as “Harold and Kumar do whatever”, “Cheech and Chong so and so”, or a plethora of other film glorifying being stoned. As I mentioned long ago, I suspect that the nanny state is not going to let them do whatever they want because toking does cause impairment. Personally I would be content with laws that basically allow people wronged by anyone that causes harm while intoxicated to collect harsh damages, easily, with possible prison time for serial abusers, and then have the government keep to itself, but that’s never going to happen with the nanny staters. The only indentured servitude that the nanny state will tolerate these days is when people are serfs to it.

Then there is the subject of employment. Drug use currently, with a very few exceptions, is not something any employer allows. Legalization is certain to bring a lot of problems to employers.

DENVER (AP) — Pot may be legal, but workers may want to check with their boss first before they grab the pipe or joint during off hours.

Businesses in Washington state, where the drug is legal, and Colorado, where it will be by January, are trying to figure out how to deal with employees who use it on their own time and then fail a drug test.

It is another uncertainty that has come with pot legalization as many ask how the laws will affect them.

While I believe there are professions where being blasted out of your head won’t make a difference or harm anyone, the fact remains that the majority of jobs are going to suffer or be highly risky if done by high people. I certainly won’t like the DMV worker to be high when I am there, but I am not sure that is going to make the horrid DMV experience any worse. But if I have to share the road with stoned truck drivers, or for that matter, any kind of drivers, I think my rights are going to be violated, sooner than later. I certainly don’t want my dentist or doctor lit, either. The list of professionals or even menial workers that will introduce risk of degraded performance is going to be long, and I believe that if employers are going to be forced to provide jobs, they should be allowed to demand and enforce rules around how competent their employee needs to be. Dealing with a stoned kid at Subway might be cute the first couple of times. But when I need to wait 25 minutes for the drooler to make a sammich, and he has to try it a couple of times, I think I am going to stop frequenting that establishment.

My personal feeling is that the tokers have no clue how disappointed they are going to be when they realize they can not be blitzed all day long and hold jobs. Then again, Team Blue might consider this new demographic a valuable voter block once they are on welfare, so all is not lost. I don’t think the tokers are going to be quoting the famous Spacoli “Dude! Let’s party.” line, but are far more likely to be quoting the line by the tubby guy in Deliverance when the red necks got their hands on em. I am afraid that the people that think they won and they can light up with impunity are going to be hitting a few really nasty road bumps, still. This is going to be fun to watch. Or maybe not.