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Impetuous Youth

On the surface, the appeal of the Democratic party is rather obvious, especially for young people. Surrendering to emotionalism, leading with our hearts and not our heads, caring for folks, hey, where do I sign up?

Yep, nothing new here. Glomming on to a little misinformation, some revisionist history, and some already destroyed notions about “choice” and you have the party of hugs (ha, I almost typed in the party of “thugs”, Freud knew his stuff).

I was going to take time and eviscerate each one of these silly arguments one at a time but then I found a nice tidy rebuttal penned by another college student, which gives me hope in the next generation.

In order to illustrate the pure delusion among young Democrats, here is my recap. I left out those students who made purely emotional points that need no rebuttal.

You can click down to each counter argument, Mark does a nice job of injecting some reality to the emotional pull of the Democrats. I like the sentiment that if you are for equality, choice, and prefer the option of being an adult, not a dependent child, then you are clearly in the wrong camp.

In the end, these students have no idea why they are Democrats. They’ve just been told by society, academia, Hollywood, and Jon Stewart, that they are supposed to be Democrats.

How true, talk about a stacked deck. Children, as early as middle school, get bombarded by overly partisan teachers pushing their political agendas in every conceivable way. You don’t think the kids see that 99.9% of the cars parked in the school lot has Obama bumper stickers on them? the collectivism, the union aggrandizements, the demonizing of “the rich” as greedy and uncaring, and the lionizing of clowns like Al Gore who would rather have all of us go back to hunting and gathering while he produces a carbon footprint the size of Texas. The high schools and universities are even worse. TV shows and Hollywood promoting the liberal agenda, any newspaper that you pick up, the LSM on all the networks, it is a constant push at indoctrination.

Someday they will learn to think for themselves.

Maybe, but as of now it is still a common misconception that it is cool to be liberal, and really, isn’t it easier to just go with the flow and be like everyone else? I always thought that most of these delusional youngsters would get a clue once they entered the work force, had to work for a living and pay taxes, it is usually at this point that people decide that they would like to keep as much of their hard earned cash as possible.