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One promise Team Obama plans to keep..

And that is to make us all pay a lot more for our electric utilities in order to push his stupid green agenda, which I remind you all produced such doozies as Solyndra and have cost the tax payers billions of wasted dollars, on an unwilling customer.

Already weary of high gas prices and 9.1 percent unemployment, many Americans are about to get another kick in the wallet thanks to large increases in their electricity

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What is the energy policy of this administration?

I have been wasting my time trying to have an argument with CM about the Obama administration’s energy policy on the “If you still think they are not hostile to modernity” post I made a few days ago. CM is avidly telling me that not only am I an evil liar for saying that the primary focus of the Obama Administration energy policy was the control of CO2 emissions – Cap and Trade/Tax … Read more