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Today it’s been 5 year since they promised a recovery (UPDATED)

Today marks the 5th anniversary of the Porculus bill that the left told us would solve all the problems causes by evil Boosh dropping taxes and starting all the wars they were for before they were against them. I suspect the LSM will not bring this up, because frankly, things look bleaker, if anything, today then they did then. And we only pissed away some $6 trillion to get here. No problem they don’t think … Read more

Stimulus … V?

I’ve lost track of the number of stimulus bills our Congress has passed. There were two under Bush (mostly tax cuts), the big Obama spendathon and now two waves of payroll tax cuts:

Two months after vowing to never give up the fight against President Obama’s payroll tax proposal, House Republicans decided Friday that they could not afford the battle any more.

Large bipartisan coalitions in both the House and Senate passed a $143

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The Bill Comes Due

Here’s the great thing about Obama’s speech to Congress about jobs: it’s never going to happen. Lots of libs are jumping all over this story, detailing Republican reluctance to give Obama a win. Fair enough. I have a Republican-slamming post cooking. But this wailing and gnashing of teeth might be more impressive if Obama himself weren’t scuttling the plan:

The White House said Monday that President Obama wants to pay for his $447

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