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At Least He’s Honest About It

Building on Alex’s post on income inequality, I note that Mathew Yglesias published this over at Vox. Yglesis advocates for raising the top marginal rate on salaries above $10 million to 90% and the inheritance tax of estates over $10 million to 90%. His argument is that the Laffer Curve is largely bunk and there is no evidence that raising incomes that high would seriously hurt the economy, at least if it were confined to … Read more

A Tale of Two Budgets

Earlier this week, Alex posted on the first Senate budget in four years. I have little to add to his criticism. The Democrats claim it continues the good work of the last two years — you know, the flat spending that they have continually claimed is going to ruin the economy and that their budget undoes. Remember that last point: our economy is supposed to be falling into ruin right now because of the … Read more

Obama’s 2nd term news – Part Three

It’s time for some more good news about how well things are going, and it comes to no surprise to me that as they see the writing on the wall companies are protecting their corporate assets from being plundered by the greedy tax and spenders. Way too many of the top publicly traded corporate spenders are letting us know that they are going to curtail capital expenditures this year or next. That’s happening as … Read more

Collectivist policies have consequences…

Fiscal policy intended to separate people from their assets/wealth, because we need to spread that wealth around, you know, by stupid government entities thinking they can play Santa Clause with other people’s money, has consequences. Always! Nobody is going to just accept the loss of their wealth that these wealth redistribution schemes assure, and even the LSM is forced to report that’s what’s happening right now:

For many of the wealthy, 2012 is becoming

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Paying for Sandy

Back when he was still awesome, Rush Limbaugh use to say that the most dangerous place in America was between Chuck Schumer and a camera. And you just knew he was going to say something stupid about Hurricane Sandy:

Sen. Charles Schumer called the fallout from Hurricane Sandy a “national disaster” and called on a federal government to cover at least 90% of the costs.

“This is one of the biggest disasters to have

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Economic Patriotism

This is the name of Obama’s supposed economic plan for the next four years. If you’ve swallowed something poisonous and are out of ipecac, you can download the PDF here.

There is literally nothing new in it. It’s simply a distillation of the promises he’s made over the last few weeks. If we’re lucky, most of it won’t happen. If we’re unlucky, some of it will and it will make things worse (one of … Read more

Our Shrinking Debt

This is good news:

U.S. debt has shrunk to a six-year low relative to the size of the economy as homeowners, cities and companies cut borrowing, undermining rating companies’ downgrading of the nation’s credit rating.

Total indebtedness including that of federal and state governments and consumers has fallen to 3.29 times gross domestic product, the least since 2006, from a peak of 3.59 four years ago, according to data compiled by Bloomberg. Private- sector borrowing

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