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Get Off The Couch, You Fat Fu@K

It’s a fine line and never static, between personal freedom and personal responsibility, and if one had to choose I usually lean more on the side for freedom. Thankfully, it is rarely an either-or, so both hats can be worn.

I have written posts in the past on PSA’s, clever hard knocking PSA’s that grab you by the short hairs, push you off that fence, and smack you right in the face with the reality that you are indeed the captain of your ship and can control not only the quality of your life, but it’s duration as well. Here is the latest on obesity;

Strong4life is an outfit out of Atlanta, they did a series of fat videos a few years back, short and sweet;

Here’s the deal, we all hate food Nazi’s (looking at you, Bloomberg, and Michelle), we all hate governments (all levels, city, state, federal) making us jump through hoops because they think they know better what is good for us, and we hate sin taxes or outright bans (remove my 64 ouncer from my cold dead hands), best to leave it up to the individual and his own sense of self worth. The problem is that when you don’t wear that seat belt and crash, it becomes prohibitively more expensive, sometimes the individual foots the bill but more often than not, we as tax payers suffer for your irresponsibility. Ditto with smoking (although less and less people take up this filthy habit) and ditto with you porkers that get diabetes at 30, get hyper tension, clogged arteries, or needing quadruple bypasses.

I admit, one of the biggest problems is that fast food, crappy high calorie/low nutrition food is cheaper, so for the family not that well off, their options are more limited. But a great deal of the blame should also go to folks just being lazy. A salad, or vegetables at meals is not that costly. Sure, it does take some time, but minutes, really.

I am somewhat sympathetic, being raised by a single parent with not much money, I was a little chunky when I was growing up. But at adolescence I grew over a foot, started playing sports (and liking girls) and have never had a weight problem since. As one ages, leading a well rounded life, one in balance, becomes harder, as is eating right.

We are a fat country, to our detriment. One can not reach his full potential, either in creativity or earnings, if one is hampered by health issues. In the old days, the fleet of foot, the agile would always survive to the detriment of the fat slow guy, who was always eaten by the lion. Maybe we need more lions.