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Executive Deforestation

Who said ,”It’s good to be the king”?, oh yeah.

Putting on the Ritz, dressing to the nines, opulence times ten, the Obamas know how to throw a party, and they take great pride in standing tradition right on it’s bony head;

Amazing how a reelection can reshape an incumbent’s thinking about many things. Now safely ensconced in the White House for 49 more months, the Obamas have decorated the place with 54 Christmas trees this year.
Even allowing for the usual Washington excesses with taxpayer money, that’s a whole grove of Christmas trees.
“We have 54 trees in the White House,” an excited Michelle Obama proudly told visitors the other day. “54! That’s a lot of trees.”
In fact, the Obamas’ 54 trees this year are almost 50% more Christmas trees than last year

Three more and he would have as many as states in the union.

Why doesn’t he just go around lighting his cigars with rolled up hundred dollar bills, what, he doesn’t smoke cigars? How about his doobies? Isn’t this Marie Antoinette shit, this ,”Let them eat cake” stuff causation for the storming of the Bastille?

I know, I know, he is the president, this is like ragging on him for his multi million dollar vacations, right? We should cut him some slack. Except that, you know, many in this country are really hurting, I get symbolism over substance, but shouldn’t he even try to show some empathy? Fake it. Yeah, he’s not real good at walking a mile in other’s moccasins, but the extravagance, the ostentation, 54 trees, really?

And the people are looking to him for leadership, wanting him to be the adult in the room wrt curtailing government spending.

How many nativity scenes you think are scattered amongst all that foliage?